Throat Spasms

Hi folks, I don’t have PPMS but do seem have SPMS and as no one has answered me on the main board I thought I’d try my luck here,

I hope you’re all coping with this heat, i’m finding it difficult this year.

I have been getting a feeling like an like an electric shock in the right side of my throat, I’m assuming it’s ms as thats how the hand spasms started. I haven’t had any problems choking lately, can someone please tell me if they have had anything like this at all? Thanks.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

I have had times when swallowing appears difficult, as though food will not go down, but not to thee point of choking, but I know Pat (snow leopard) has, and I would think once she manages to get on the forum she will answer this post.

This heat has made life a lot harder to deal with, and I shall be grateful when it cools down, sorry to everyone who is enjoying the warmer weather.

Pam x

Never had that one but dont like the sounds of it. Don.

Yes it is blooming hot isnt it

You can always come on this board I havent even got MS (yeah I wish) we talk to everybody being near the bottom of the forum not many people venture this far down and we try and trap you so you never leave I only popped in for a cup of sugar and havent been able to leave for two years now. Hope you are coping in the heat

Have a good time and keep smiling.


Oh Wendy I should warn you I am Mad


Hi Wendy,

There are several of us on this section of the forum who are SPMS. You are very welcome and I know you’ll get loads of support.

I get spams in my neck but it tends to be both sides, fortunately doesn’t happen too often. Not very pleasant though so I can sympathise with your problem.

On a few occasions I have had swalowing problems, luckily only a very few times…it has felt each time as though either my throat or my brain has forgotten what to do, I have never had spasms and swallowing difficulties at the same time.

As Pam said, Pat is the person who has the most experience with swallowing difficulties and I am sure she will be along when she can get back on here.

best wishes, Nina x

Hi folks, thank you very much for your help and advice, I didn’t receive a message to say you’d replied (still technical problems going on I fear), it’s nice to share (well not really) but it’s nice to know I’m not going completely mad,

take care you’all.

Love Wendy x

Did you click on the “get email alerts” on the bottom bar of your original post? i think that’s the way to get notifications now.


Hi Wendy, I do have swallowing problems but not the electic shock feeling… my throat just stops working with food in it… it’s not fun… but it is MS causing it.

My neuro referred me to a speech therapist. He was quite useful in that he at least cofirmed that it was the MS causing it… but I think you need to either see your GP or contact MS nurse as yours does sound more like a spasm & I certainly get those electric shocks in other parts of body.

Nice to see you on here Wendy… we have a few users with SPMS and you’re very welcome on here… after all we’re all in the same progressive boat!!!

Pat xx

Thanks Pat

Lots of things not working properly (apart from MS) I mean with the new board, I’m not getting messages to tell me I have a message, I guess it’s teething problems.

Thank you for being so welcoming, take care,

Love Wendy x

Yes I did all that Jan, thanks for trying anyway

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

I just wanted to welcome you to our little group. I get the electric shocks all over my body but not my throat but I often “forget” I need to swallow and inhale my dinner instead. It’s very frustrating but like the others I’d suggest you see your gp or speak to your ms nurse who may be able to get you to see a speech therapist. Often the ms nurses have good relationships with all these specialties and I know my referrals made through mine have been much quicker than with the gp. The nurses also know who’s got the best knowledge of our peculiarities I’ve discovered.

Hope this helps and please visit often and let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

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Thank you Cath

Wendy x

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Get it right this time!!

Thank you Cath

Wendy xx