Swallowing struggles..

Hiya folks how are you all? Im finding that at times I’m struggling to swallow. It’s weird, it’s like my throat has forgotten what to do and the more I try, the harder it is. Aw it’s hard to explain… See when you’ve got hiccups? Well have you tried swallowing 3 times while holding your breath? It’s pretty hard to do… well it’s like that. It’s not every time I swallow. It just comes and goes but when it comes for those few seconds, it’s kinda scary. I know that mibe sounds stupid but it does panic me a bit. I try an relax cos I know getting wound up will make it worse and cos it happens on & off, I know it’ll pass but it’s horrible. I can’t help but think though what’ll happen if it doesn’t pass one time? Do you think it’s just a spasm? I’ve been choking and spluttering a lot more aswell, you know when you breath in and it feels like your slevers go down the wrong tube? I’m a bit worried it’s another step msenemy is making and I’m not liking it, not liking it at all! Does anyone else get this?

Enjoying the lighter mornings & nights and my daffodils are starting to sprout. It’s good to shake off winter isn’t it :slight_smile: x


Hi I get this at least similar mentioned it to gp so I go for the camera down the throat next Monday I was told at diagnosis

That it would probably happen.


Hi I have trouble swallowing my last tablets at night, think I’ve taking some many during the day my swallowing ability gives up, I find the only way I can get the tablets down even with water is to eat a ginger nut biscuit that seems to help me. I have had trouble at other times of the day but that seems too be when I try and eat something that has not been cut up small enough.

all the best Deborah


Hi Libertine

Sometimes I have found it difficult to swallow, and the MS nurse said it was caused by a spasm, and if it became more of a problem I could see a speech therapist for special exercises to do. Thankfully, it only happens now and then for me, but yes, it does make you feel panicky.

I would have a word with your MS nurse, neuro or GP and see what they suggest.

Take care

Pam x


Aye it’s really only my slevers that it happens, it’s like I breathe them in and start choking and coughing, either that or I just can’t swallow like my throats seized or something, but it just happens right out the blue. I’m like you Pam, it’s not a constant but it’s happening enough to make me go mmmnnnn… I’m seeing my ms nurse in a couple of weeks so I’ll mention it and see what she says. It’s always best to keep these things documented on file I suppose. Thanks ladies! x


Yup, I have to drink a drink a sip at a time, if I glug it at all then I’ll end up choking! My sister’s boyfriend actually made me laugh so much (read laugh/cough/trouble breathing etc.) that I managed to vomit a single mouthful of wine down my legs. It was not dignified in the least, even now I suspect they put it down to being drunk but I wasn’t, I still have too much of a good recollection of it! Just glad that he made me laugh that much that I know he’s good for my sis

I think that I have occasional big breathing probs, probably worse if fatigued (so that’ll be all the usual MS waivers then)

Sonia x


Hi Libertine, yep I get it and have done for years. Actually was one of my first symptoms before dx.

It is like your throat has forgotten how to swallow and in fact that is what’s happened, as the message from the brain to the throat doesn’t happen!

I’ve seen a speech therapist for it and learnt a few things and had already worked out some for myself. Here’s a list that might help:

When it happens touch your throat and think SWALLOW! That is one I taught myself & it works well. It sort of wakes up the swallowing reflex (that’s the most useful one!).

Use ‘mindfulness’ when you are eating…so try not to be distracted. Concentrate on eating.

Try to avoid dry foods. Gravies and sauces help no end.

Keep a glass of water within reach. If the food is dry in your mouth take a sip of water before you attempt to swallow.

Sipping water between mouthfuls will help keep the reflex awake.

Spicy food is good as it wakes up the swallowing reflex.

And last and most important, but also most difficult, try not to panic or breathe in. I know that’s very hard but actually you can get better at it in time.

Hope this helps…also it does come and go as with everything MS.

Pat xx