Problems with swallowing.

Hi Not sure if this is down to my ms but lately I have been finding it difficult to swallow. For example when I take my tablets before bed I put them in my mouth, take a drink then try to swallow but nothing happens! I’m willing myself to do so and more times than not I end up choking. I find this would happen with food as well - it’s like I’m giving the command but no one is there to carry it out! Should i mention this to my ms nurse? Steph

Hi Steph,

I have problems swallowing too. It’s a problem with my reflux, my food/drink goes down so far and straight back up which causes the choking. I was sent for an ex-ray and that is what they said. All I was told to do was eat slower and eat small amounts at a time and to make sure I have chewed my food well.

I find i choke more if I’m distracted when I’m eating , it’s almost as though i have to really concentrate when I’m eating. It’s like walking - if I do anything other than concentrate I trrip or fall !!

Your Doctor should refer you for an ex-ray or your nurse. I would let them know as soon as you can.

keep smiling


Hi Steph

Problems with swallowing are a symptom of MS but most doctors try to rule out anything else. The first time I had any problems was after I had my youngest daughter 25 years ago. It lasted for about 4 months and the doctors couldn’t find anything, then it just went away on it’s own. It’s happened 4 times since then and lasted about the same length of time. I was told the obvious by my MS nurse. Eat moist food, have a drink to help food go down and eat small mouth fulls chewed well. Like Cath I find I have to concentrate when I’m eating or I choke. Hope it doesn’t last too long.

Lynne xx

Hi Steph, I find that certain foods like rice catch in my throat. I got a referral to a speech therapist by the MS nurse. She did some tests but didn’t find any problems. Swallowing problems are very common with MS. If you keep a food diary you might see a pattern to the types of food that bother you. This will be useful if you can get a referral. Hope this helps Andy