Can anyone help please ?

Hi all !!! Not been on here for a while.

I have a problem that I’m hoping someone can help me with !

I have had a dry, tickly cough for well over a year now. As my cough reflex doesn’t work very well, I end up almost choking and gagging when I can’t cough properly. It is also badly affecting my sleep !

I have been to my GP, seen four different doctors at my surgery, but am no nearer finding a treatment.

(I think they are just putting it down as “another MS” thing and not bothering to look any further ! )

I’ve had a chest x-ray, no problem there.

I’ve had a lung function test, also no problem.

I’ve been given an inhaler, Corsodyl spray, antibiotics and Omeprazole gastric capsules,

None of which has helped. Neither has sucking Strepsils like they’re going out of fashion !

I want to push for further investigation but unless I can be sure this has nothing to do with my MS, I fear I will be banging my head on the proverbial wall !!

Does anyone here have this problem ?

Have you found a treatment that works ?

Any help or advice would be very, very much appreciated !

Thank you (in advance !)

Seb x

Hi Seb, nice to see you on the board.

Well, it’s good that all tests are clear but a bug*er to live with eh?!

Speech therapist are very good with helping with swallowing and choking problems, and I’m wondering if they could help with your problem. Do you think that you are sort of choking on your own saliva (I do that sometimes)?

Do you have problems with stomach acid?? I had very bad acid and had very tickly throat. Apparently it was caused by the acid coming up into my throat when I was sleeping.

GP put me on very strong anti-acid (one capsule in morning only) and acid is GONE completey… so has tickly throat!!!

If you think that might be problem let me know, and I’ll give you the name of med. (sorry just saw you tried anti acid. Did it help at all?)

As for whether or not it’s an MS problem… blimey… so hard to say. I personally think that my stomach acid was MS related (much worse when my other symptoms were bad) but try and get a neuro to agree with me? Impossible. As for you, they think the cough is MS related! Basically I think they don’t know.

Have you had allergy tests?

Hope this helps, and I’ll have a think and see if I can come up with anything else.

Pat x

Hi Pat I see that you say that you sometimes start choking on your own saliva. I also do this sometimes and start coughing my guts out. I have thought for sometime that it probably is an MS thing. Do you think it is likely to lead to swallowing problems or is it best not to think too far ahead? Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, I’m trying not to think it might get worse. Not everything does. Yes makes me cough guts out… eyes water & sometimes get hug at same time. Oh the joys of MS!

I do sometimes get swallowing problems. The food goes into my throat and everything stops. Very scary but I’ve got better at thinking ‘keep calm’ and touch my throat (neck… not inside throat obviously!) and suddenly the muscle works again and food goes down.

Remember Teresa… one day at a time. Don’t think ahead of your symptoms.

Rotten night at bingo… won 75 pence!!!

Hope you ok hon.

Pat x

Thanks Pat I usually try not to think too far ahead but sometimes your mind over thinks and it’s not much fun. One day at a time - I need to keep that in mind! Shame about your 75p win - bet you had fun though! Take care, Teresa xx

Thanks PatB and Tree65 for your help/advice.

Seb x