Urgently Need Information


For the last four weeks I have had a hoarse voice, getting out of breath and difficulty in coughing, I don't have a sore throat or any infection. I know it sounds daft but I want to cough and nothing happens in the throat or chest and I end up having a choking fit.

There had been a suspicion it was due to a drug I take for Arthritis but this has now been proved wrong by my Arthritis consultant and it was hinted it could be an MS thing,  I have PPMS.

Any input would be graefully received, I see my Neuro on Tuesday.

Drayton Girl

I have the same thing; mine was just before I was dx with a UTI. I have read on this site that it can be an MS thing. I was also having problems with swallowing. My voice has often been ‘thin’ at times; I put it down to the oil seed rape, of course this could also contribute to it. Sorry can’t offer any other info. others may know what causes it.

Good luck with your quest Drayton Girl.


Ive had that.  Was sent for swollowing assessment as the muscles in my throat kept spasming, making me suffer sore throat, swollowing difficulties and speech was affected too.  I had barium swollow test, where the mechanisms are observed via x-ray, tube down to my tum because I had vomiting.  Think mine affected my stomach too, yours doesnt sound like it has.


Throat, speech & swollowing are associated with ms.  They dont affect everyone but Im one whom it did.  It would appear spasms can affect anywhere.  A grazy croaky voice is a sign.  Also very dry throat and pain in that area.  Have you found swollowing affected?  I used to choke on tea.


Mine went away, Ive had it twice in 2 years.  Hope yours corrects too.  If it doesnt ask for tests and speech therapy, it helped me a lot.