Urgently Need Information

For the last four weeks I have had a hoarse voice, getting out of breath and difficulty in coughing, I don’t have a sore throat or any infection. I know it sounds daft but I want to cough and nothing happens in the throat or chest and I end up having a choking fit.

There had been a suspicion it was due to a drug I take for Arthritis but this has now been proved wrong by my Arthritis consultant and it was hinted it could be an MS thing.

Any input would be graefully received, I see my Neuro on Tuesday.

Drayton Girl

Hi Drayton girl, I get a hoarse voice which has been put down to MS (it’s like my voice is broken up… like Larry the Lamb if you’re ancient enough to remember!), but I don’t get the out of breath and coughing.

I have head that speech therapy can help. Sometimes it’s down to breathing wrong, or possibly you are so fatigued it affecting your voice and making it hard to cough. Do you think you are choking on your saliva? I have heard of that before. Again, speech therapy can help there as well… they can help with swallowing and choking.

Anyway, hope neuro can sort it out tomorrow. Not nice for you hon.

Thinking of you. Let us know how it goes with the neuro.

Pat x