Breathing difficukties

Sometimes when I’m talking I get short of breath, it’s like my lungs aren’t full enough. It’s not bad enough to be frightening, and I don’t feel like I can’t breathe, but people have noticed. Anyone know if it’s likely to be MS related?

I am guessing you are a female?

Oh Paolo, hope your not suggesting we talk too much!!! seriously though Flowerpot I get it too, not sure if it’s MS related to be honest. Same when walking, I’m not a smoker, not over weight but get breathless very easily, haven’t investigated it with doc, got enough ailments!!! Tracey x

Forgot to ask, do you have swallowing difficulties? Tracey x

Ooh talk too much, me?

I don’t have trouble swallowing, but crumbs/drops of liquid “go down the wrong way” I can’t walk any useful distance so it doesn’t happen then.

I’ve never smoked and am not overweight either.

Thanks Tracey. I’ll try to remember to mention it when I see my new neurologist. xx

My asthma nurse said some of the breathing problems I can have could be due to MS since everything else has been ruled out, might be why it is a bit harder to catch my breath or blow in the spirometer machine properly. def. mention it to your neuro, or a gp who would probably get your lungs tested to make sure its not something else.

Hi Flowerpot I as yet haven’t seen a neurologist (that is september) but I have had some breathing problems over last few months I have been toGP who has done chest x ray and is repeating some blood tests to rule out anything else and save the Neuro doing them when I see him. If you mention it to your GP he can get the ball rolling and rule out the obvious chset infection etc.Sue

I am wary of things ‘going down the wrong way’, as well as general, autonomic motor skills acting up, as my mum, with her plethora of MS complaints frequently choked, quite violently. It became such a problem that ultimately she was fitted with a gastrostomy tube.


But then, as a ‘healthy’ person, one is not immune to choking, or shortness of breath. And indeed, such things can be caused by matters other than MS.

As part of my own healthy denial of my diagnosis, i am quick to remember such things, before i consign myself to the same prognostic path of doom that befell my poor old ma.

I am not being much help to the creator of this thread, but i jump at the chance to repeat the above, even if only for my own benefit. Just as i make sure not to ignore the five pints and blue meat kebab just eaten, when blaming a sense of nausea on my last tecfidera dose :slight_smile:

I hope you get answers to dismiss your concerns Ms Flowerpot.

I’m not terribly worried to be honest. It’s not that often that I notice the breathless thing, maybe I don’t talk that much!

The choking thing isn’t that bad either, but I’m aware it can get worse.

see? there you go again: rabbit rabbit rabbit!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha Ha!!! My husband does remind me to take a breath when i’m “on one” !!! Tracey x