good morning everyone, hope you’re all ok, now I hope I can describe this, I know about the MS hug, I’ve had this in the past, tightness around the middle and in the chest area, with pain, the problem I’m having now is, I’m getting the tihgt feeling right in the middle of my chest, going up into my throat, it almost feels like my throat is closing up, no pain, and I can’t get a full in take of breath without having to really concerntrate and make an effort to fill my lungs, so all the time I’m swallow breathing, with this my head feels really light headed, I’ve mentioned this to my GP, she’s done all the test, I’ve even been for an ECG, everything is ok, with the MS I do get spasticity, for which I take baclofen, so is this the muscle’s in this area going into spasms, anyone else get this, sorry to go anon, it’s just I feel I’m always moaning, take care, and have a good day, ANON x

Dear ‘Anon’,

I don’t know and given that you have seen a GP - that is what I would have suggested - I think that I had this ‘problem’ earlier when I was ‘first’ diagnosed - my doctor wasn’t sure either. I think that (out of frustration, I tried to RELAX) - this was not easy when my breathing was affected. It is ‘strange’ that your email has had ‘no’ response and the one about the ‘Muppets’ has had at least 3 responses? Try to stay calm.

Good luck,


thanks for that Marcus, I take on board what you’re saying, the thing that is so funny about this, is that I’m very calm, and relaxed, so I really can’t understand why this is happening, Anon

Muscle spasms can occur anywhere so it could be. I was on baclofen but needed such a high dose that the side effects were too horrible. I’m now on tizanadine. Also worth considering that if this is a new symptom then is this a relapse? Not much help I know. Hope you get it sorted soon Tc H x

Dear ‘Anon’,

Me too (I’ve had MS for 13+ years) - I still HATE IT (although, I wouldn’t say that I love it!). As someone (I’m 55) who used to do ‘long distance running’ and ‘swimming’ and ‘martial arts (got a black belt)’ and ‘cycling’ and ‘play rugby’ and essentially ‘keep fit’ - now I do nothing! I have done ‘yoga’ but gave it up ‘because my limbs’ were not agile enough. I did get ‘some relaxation’ from a tape although I haven’t used it for a while! Even sex with my wife is out because I have a catheter (and although, the instructions say it is possible - I’m not ‘up’ to it (just now) - I started out trying to help you but I’ve ended up ‘giving you my probs., sorry’. I’ll go and watch some tv now (as there’s sod all else to do) but the sun is coming out and although the ‘heat’ can affect me I’m ‘hoping’ that it will have a good ‘psychological’ effect?

Stay cool,


It may be a hiatus hernia. I think you should see your GP again and possibly ask about having an endoscopy.


thanks for that Liz, I’ve already had an endoscopy, everything good, so running out of ideas, except of course MS, take care, Anon


I had this problem too. I am not dx yet…but last year I had this where mostly when I was lying down trying to sleep…I felt like my chest would tighten and I couldn’t breathe. I tried to take in air and fill my lungs but I felt like I was gonna die…'cos I just couldn’t breathe! Terrible experience! This lasted on and off for about a week. I also got… roughly the same time, a thing where I really felt like I couldn’t swallow. I felt myself really aware of every swallow I took…sounds crazy now…but at the time very scary. Luckily…I’ve not had this since…I thought I was going mad.

I think this feeling will pass like it did with me…just try and relax…(I know it’s not easy in that situation)…but if you worry then it will become worse.


Marcus please don’t apologise, we all have to share our problems with someone, like you I’m in my 50’s and I did alot, but by god I’m not giving up, I now to a little exercise class through pals, I know it’s not up to what I did before, but it’s better than nothing, by the way,switch the telly off, because It’ll only make you feel worse, you take good care, Anon

Hey >>i think another visit to your gp is a good idea too…re hiatus hernia.I had this after my RTA in 1994…and its very unpleasant and can affect breathing…I had an endoscopy in 1998 and it was discovered to be there…they can range in severity but would suspect may also affect the diaphram? Perhaps avoid spiecy, rich foods in meantime and smaller meals helps…as they can make it worse…if it is a hiatus hernia, depending on severity they can fix it…