Hi all I expect you get threads like this a lot, but I’m laying here worrying so thought I’d post and see what you think. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but I think I may have MS. I have a few symptoms, the one that scares me most is the strange tightness on breathing out that I get every night before sleep and if I’m in a hot bath. I recently went to ibiza. It was 25 degrees c yet I got so hot my vision blurred and I got slightly dizzy so I couldn’t stay outdoors in yhe daytime at all. I’m constantly in pain. All over my body. A patch of my left breast is numb. I get strange gloopy disturbances in my vision. Sometimes I can’t think or form words properly but mostly when under pressure or talking to someone in authority. I get brain fog. I can’t remember anything like appointment times and dates or things I need to do without constant reminders. My fingers hurt and if even just a little cold I struggle to type/hold things. I’m so so tired all the time. I can sleep for many hours at a time. There’s other things, but these are the main ones. Oh! I’m terribly clumsy too… A lot of this points to fibro. But the tightness, which is nearly painful is the main thing that worries me. I mentioned all this to my doc, she practically laughed at me and said well I very much doubt you have MS! Yet she cannot think of an explanation for the tightness at all. If I do have MS then I just want to know so I can deal with it. And if I don’t then I’d like to know what this tightness is so again I can deal with it. I’m sorry for posting but maybe someone can help? Thank you C x

hi doim

if you are concerned about your breathing, i should have thought that your GP was out of order in dismissing it.

i went to my doctor when i was having the ms hug, all i wanted was a muscle relaxant but he phoned me back and told me that he had booked me in at the local hospital the next morning.

i had a chest x-ray and loads of other tests, which were all nothing sinister, so it was the ms hug as i had thought.

it was reassuring though to know that my GP had my best interests at heart.

the gloopy disturbances in your sight should also be investigated, by an opthalmologist.

go back and say how anxious you are feeling about yur breathing and eyesight.

good luck

carole x