Hi I find this site a great help for advice and encouragement as I go through testing. I’m struggling a bit at the mo with breathing issues. I am mildly asthmatic and my GP has increased my inhaler prescription- despite having a clear chest - to see if it eases and if not she’s going to investigate more- so far it hasn’t eased. I am struggling with choking on liquids and fruit which gives me a wheeze in my throat, but what’s worrying me more is that I just can’t breathe right. I find myself taking a lot of involuntary deep breaths, get breathless when talking, walking etc - I feel like I just can’t get a proper breath, like my lungs won’t expand! It’s frightening me at the mo. I have had episodes of chest pain and been at A&E with it and my hearts fine. Can struggling to breath be a common issue? Thanks in advance Ann x

Hi Talulla - I have been finding the same, mainly getting breathless when I walk (well hobble, I use crutches) I have also noticed my heart racing a lot and wondered if they are linked. I was diagnosed with PPMS 3 weeks ago but it has not sunk in yet I have a third Neurology appt tomorrow and if this one agrees with the other 2 then I guess I’m going to have to take it on board!I wondered if the breathlessness is related to stress, I took voluntary redundancy a little while ago and I think I have probably got too much spare time on my hands. That said I really don’t think I could cope with work right now. Ho hum.

Hi JuniperL I’m so sorry to read of your diagnosis and impact it is having on your life - it can’t be easy at all adjusting to this unchosen new normal. I hope you have good support as you come to terms with it all. Hugs. And yes this breathing thing is not nice at all - I hope we can both get relief!

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