Feeling like lump is in my throat

hi everyone, I have ms,at the moment my throat feels strange,sometimes it is like something is stuck there,I also get like a tiggle in my throat.I do smoke and I know I shouldn’t.Just wondered if anyone gets this feeling. Thanks

Yes, afraid altered throat sensations are quite common, main thing is, DON’T PANIC , nothing is going to happen , you may be stuck with a lump feeling or slow swallowing feeling or thick mucus sensation for a few days or weeks or even longer if you’re unlucky, unfortunately if you get anxious about it it makes it worse cos anxiety itself can cause exactly same symptoms. I get the throat thing coming and going a lot, I manage it by relaxation or meditation exceed used or simply diverting my attention to something else. Increased awareness at night when you can’t sleep is the worst problem as the sensation gets worse the more you are aware and fearful of it. Have a coping plan ready for night time eg: a relaxation tape or download some free meditation stuff onto your iPod or phone, i find the tune in radio app is invaluable! Good luck with it and try your best to accept it and divert your thoughts away from it. I hope you’re soon rid of it and it rarely returns for you.

Hi, some years ago, after I`d lost both my mum and dad, within 3 weeks of each other (horrendous time for me and my 2 sisters), I saw my GP about the kind of feeling you describe in my throat.

She said it wasn`t right to feel like there was something in my throat and referred me to a specialist. I didnt have to wait long, but when I saw him, he asked if I was concerned about anything in particular. I explained about my parents.

he then said that when we are upset, worried etc, the first thing that happens is a tightening of the throat muscles. This explained my problem.

Wanderer has given you good advice, but perhaps a chat with your GP would help too.

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I remember speech therapist saying that this was common and said it had a name but cant remember what it was -sorry. Its more annoying than anything but might be worth getting checked out all the same Janey xxx

Hello,I have had this feeling of lump in throat/tight throat since my father was very ill and subsequently died 3 years ago. I thought it was probably an anxiety symptom and eventually went to GP who referred me to ENT. I saw them and had endoscope down my throat and she dx reflux. I took a variety of PPI meds-omeprazole and then lansoprazole but the lump feeling was still there. I went back to GP and she said to try an anti depressant which might help-although I wasn’t depressed or particularly anxious .The anti depressant meds disn’t help. I have now gone back on the omeprazole as I don’t want the acid refux to damage my throat. I have mentioned this throat feeling on numerous times to my MS nurse and neuro but neither seemed to associate it with MS. I personally think it is to do with throat muscles as some days it is worse than others but then the ENT specialist did say it is a symptom of acid reflux- i don’t get heartburn by the way. I can sympathise as it is a horrible feeling. Cathy

I had this and my gp dismissed it for ages and eventually prescribed me to a consultant who put a camera through my nose into my throat and diagnosed globus pharyngeus. He prescribed me lansoprazole to take each day for 3 months which I did which helped it and it went away. The only time it comes back is when I’m really stressed and I take lansoprazole for a while and then it goes away