Cervical spasms ( ladies)

Hi all, It has been ages since I was last online but hoping you are all doing as well as can be expected. Not sure my problem is ms but thought I would ask here if anyone recognises this symptom. I have started getting strange feelings iny intimate region. Feels like my Cervix is going into spasm, such a weird sensation. I am late 60,s and not sexually active. Had my last cervical smear last February or March. Anyone else have this or think it could be ms related? Thanks in advance.

Hi yes me too. I am 68. One thing it could be bladder spasms. You may well have a UTI, so get that checked out first ok.

the feelings are weird i was told its intense muscle spasms in the vaginal area caused through my MS, i was checked though for infections first. I dont have a womb or cervix. It is a really odd feeling and sometimes it vibrates and it aint down to ann summers lol.

first get checked for UTI. maybe mention this to your gp i did. It comes and goes now not frequently thank goodness lol.


Yes I get them, but only about 6 a year, lasting about 5 seconds, only notice at night. I’m late 50’s.

I also get anal spasms which are very painful, again only at night and a few times a year but can last up to 10 minutes. I have to get up and walk around, do stretching exercises to try and relieve the pain.

I put it down to MS but may not be. Haven’t mentioned it to medics as not a problem really.


Hi. i have had the spasms you describe…very similar to the hug i have in my chest and can last about half an hour. The pain is very intense when it happens but its not too often thankfully. I spoke to my ms nurse about it and she said it is probably the ms. I have had the hug this evening but thankfully its worn off but not had the vaginal pain for a couple of months now. Karen.

Karen i would talk to doctor about vaginal PAIN. i dont consider what i have is pain, its just plain weird. I used to many years ago get vaginal pain it turned out i had fibros, so worth having it checked dont assume its MS ok. xxx

Thanks for your replies, I feel that I probably should not worry about this now. Wish none of us experienced it, like all the other strange and often painful symptoms though.

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Hi Crazy Chick. I did have everything thoroughly checked out a couple of years ago and everything was fine. The pain is a lot like contractions but very low down and is a similar pain to the hug. This has been happening a couple of times a year for about 8 or 9 years…I was diagnosed with ppms last November but the neurologist thinks i have had it for about 9 years so it sort of fits in the timeline with my other symptoms. Karen.

AH thats good then karen, i have PPMS and get all this weird stuff around the old jolly roger ha ha. first symptom i was really worried about 2000. xxxx

Hahaha, bloody crap this ppms isn’t it Crazy Chick x

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