Lady problem (a bit strange?)

Dont know if anyone has ever had a similar problem? Ive googled this and will be going to see a nurse at my GP’s this week. Although its maybe not always best to self diagnose I’m wondering if I might have something called ‘Vulvodynia’ (persistent pain of the vulva) This is what I’ve found out:

**Vulvodynia is persistent, unexplained pain of the vulva, the skin surrounding the vagina. There is usually no obvious cause, but much can be done to help relieve the pain so that it no longer causes problems.**The pain of vulvodynia is often described as a burning, stinging or raw sensation. Some women describe a feeling of a needle being stuck in their genitals. (ooer!)

I thought it could be thrush at first, but it doesnt have the same symptoms-then I wondered: could it be another of the wonderful array of MS sensory problems?

Any thoughts would be welcome


Erika xx

I would be cautious about attributing something to MS without getting it checked out. Don;t suggest it might be MS to the nurse - in my experience professionals will be all too ready to blame MS. Get this checked out and be persistent if you need to - get it checked out and rule out other causes before MS is given the blame.

Very true there I am male so sorry for commenting but like you have just said,doctors are quick to blame ms for any problems,symptoms,illnesses we have

Definitely get it checked out, but it may well be an MS thing. There are a lot of nerves to that area, and MS is no respecter of social niceties :frowning:

Karen x

Fully agree with both replies above.

Thank you all for your comments and I wont be suggesting MS to the nurse then.

PS maybe it could be hormonal as I’m getting to a ‘certain age’ now!! haha

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