Itch, Burn & Soreness


I’m new to this site. For the last 4-5 years I have been experiencing burning itching and soreness down below front and back. Happens when I walk around a lot every day. For the last nine months I’ve had a desk job and have been sat down for the majority of the day, but recently I gave up the job to start a new job as a carer and have been moving around a lot more and the itchiness burning and soreness has now come back. My symptoms seem to come back and get worse when I’m moving around and disappear with periods of rest which makes me think it could be MS related. I have seen three gynaecologist none of them know what it is I think it could be vulvodynia. It can be hard to get a diagnosis as some people think it is more psychological it is not it is definitely physical and I know it can be caused by nerve damage in the back. I recently had an MRI scan on my lumbar spine and there were no lesions on that part of the spine. I’m seeing my neurologist next month and I will be asking him if I can have an MRI scan as I haven’t had a scan in about four years. Does anyone else suffer with this?

Hi Vicks

Welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry, I can’t answer your query, but wanted you to have someone acknowledge the post, welcome you to the forum and applaud you for posting something quite personal so early.


Thank you for responding. I have had it for so long now that I just want to know what it is and if anyone else has experienced this so I have no shame in sharing my unpleasant experience ha ha.

I have had MS for ten years but was only diagnosed in 2011. My first symptom was ON in 2007.

I have never been on meds and apart from this problem and a bit of tingling im ok.


Yes i get periods of this. I hate it. There seems to be no reason for it, or pattern either.

I know one thing, i only ever wear cotton briefs, and cotton pants nothing with nylon.

My GP thinks its all nerve related when it comes along as everything is fine otherwise all tests negative. Its odd it just comes and then goes. I do notice it happens more if i have over done it. another mystery.

Mine goes when I rest. I too only wear cotton pants. So if I walk around a lot over a couple of days it starts to flare up as soon as I rest and stop moving around so much it goes. It’s really sore and all you want to do is sit down and rest. I just want my consultant to say yes this is the reason but all they say is it might be and that’s it!

Have you tried bladder and bowel clinic? they may have some advice

our private bits are a mystery wrapped in an emigma (it’s a quote but i can’t remember by whom).

it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if your problems are due to ms.

all nerves have nerve endings and they seem to be causing you grief.

most of my issues are to do with my feet, legs and the abductor muscles on my inner thighs.

i have CBD oil and 3 drops under my tongue makes it all more bearable.

it’s worth a try!

I will definitely be giving the CBD oil a try. I am waiting to see my neurologist I have just started a new job where I’m moving round a lot more so I think I’ll just have to find a sit down desk job. I’m actually in pain right now with it. It’s a good job I’m used to it. Sex is out the question as well. So fed up. The bladder and vowel clinic is definitely worth talking to as I I find it hard to hold on to the number twos for too long. Surprisingly enough my bladder is absolutely fine for now.