really sorry to go anon on this, but I think you’ll understand, went to see my GP today, because at times when me and my husband are intimate I can have high levels of discomfort in and around my private area, this can last for days, burning pain, anyway went today to find out what could be causing it, now straight away she says it’s not thrush, and she things it’s nerve damage, she has taken a urine sample to check things out, I just thought, oh great just another area affected,does anyone else get this, and if so what do you do to help, thanks, Anon x

Lidocaine gel is worth a try. It is a mild anaesthetic gel. It is fine to use around the vulva/vagina and no need for a prescription (although it might be cheaper if the dr prescribes it for you.) Google it to find out more. Even if your problem is an MS one, I think it is worth a try to see whether it manages to get in the way of misfiring sensory things.

thanks for that, I’ll certainly look into that, Anon x

Well I’m not very subtle so I’ll just say I was wondering if before or during intercourse you were wet enough.

If foreplay wasn’t a big thing and you didn’t use lubrication your husbands attention may have torn or burned you inside.

Maybe you already thought of this, I just thought I would mention it anyway! I’m actually hugely jealous…I haven’t done any of that for years

thank you for you’re reply, this is actually something that me and my GP talked about I don’t have any problems with being wet enough, and on examination the doc said they where no sighs of being torn or burnt, I’ve read a piece on this sight under what is MS, then under womens health and it would appear that you can get nerve damage in this area, but I will see what my urine sample has to say before I maybe have to look at what can be done, thanks again, Anon X