A weird one! MS or not?

Ok so im going to find this very hard to explain but have been having a new type of pain recently. I have had all the other sensory ones ie, buzzing, pins and needles, burning etc but this is different and not sure if it is an MS symptom or not. If I had only got it in one place I wouldn't have thought so but getting it just below my belly button and down my left arm so its not as if I have damaged both places in the same way. It feels like my skin is ripping. I will be doing something and all of a sudden get this pain like my skin is tearing. I can't work out if its the underlying muscle that is hurting or the skin but thats the only way I can decribe it.

Anyone ever had anything like this?

Must just be me then blush

Hi, not sure, but wonder if it is a spasm.....?????

Are you on baclofen? This is a common drug used to reduce spasms.

If not maybe you could try it, eh? Ask neuro/GP/MS nurse.

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