MS hug?


I’m experiencing new symptoms and with being diagnosed for 3 years of course I have came across people talking about the MS hug.

I struggle with with back pain normally with ms attacking my core muscle but last night I tossed and turned all night with back then I felt a weird sensation up on side and just thought I’d pulled a muscle.

However as the day as progressed the pain isn’t in my lower back as it normally is but higher starting from my shoulders downwards, round my ribs and stops just under where my bra strap would end.

The pain is sharp and radiating across the way and it feels like I’m being squeezed and released over and over again in quick successions with shooting pains thrown in making breathing harder and uncomfortable.

Is this what people mean by the ms hug?

Also with it being a new symptom is it the start of a new relapse (I have weird new tingling sensations in my fingers on my left hand also) or it is just MS the gift that keeps on giving?

thanks for reading.


while it almost certainly is a MS hug, it might be an idea to go and get it checked out. it’s always worthwhile remembering that we can develop other health issues, chest pains are something to be wary about.


sounds like what i had six months back, but as blackcat says get it checked out because as i have found out MS brings it’s friends also


Well Steph,

For some folk it just squeezes and stays squeezed.
I get it (but not too bad) in my right ribs, but not the left side.

If it’s new, plus the tingling, you should be onto your MS Nurse for sure.
It may not be a relapse, but if it is:
! - you want it on record.
2 - you may need some help to cope with it that the experts can provide.


Hi thanks for the replies.

I was feeling that awful I just didn’t want to deal with it all. I tried some diazepam although with my normal afternoon dose of baclofen, gabapentin and naproxen and it was enough to get me over for a wee snooze for a while.

I was going to ring the nurse this morning and then my GP completely forgetting it’s Good Friday so the MS helpline is closed so now I’m banking on my GP being able to give me some help.

When I was looking for answers yesterday I came across a tablet called zanaflex that helps get you through an attack and is only for short term use, has anyone had any experience with this drug or know of any other way to help with the pain and tightness?