pain ,common or not?

May I ask this? I see a lot of folk are on meds for pain, does every MSer experience this? not to jinx it but its something i never get-jumps, bowel issues seem to be my ‘problem’ areas but no pain- the odd twinge in my wrists but thats due to CTS which i’m also blessed to be inflicted by coughs but no MS pain-i’m almost 15 yrs in and well i’ve had mostly all that goes with territory but i am seriously puzzled about it


I get very occasional muscle spasms, especially in tummy. Think Freddy Kruger sticking his knives in your innards & twisting. I also get them in upper thigh & sometimes forearms. It doesn’t last too long but they are painful. The weird thing is, I’ve got used to them.

I get a lot of pain ,it comes and goes but as the years have gone on its there more than its not, diagnosed 12 years ago Ive been on lots of meds for it but the side effects can be just as bad for the doses i need to take The pain varies in sites of my body it chooses but i see it now as being part of me and my MS

I was diagnoised 5 weeks ago and probably had it for 7 years or more, I don’t have any pain at all , just right leg weakness can’t walk far. I saw my ms last week and I asked her the same question why havnt I got any pain and she said not every body does but I like you don’t want to jinx itx

I have constant pain in my hands, arms, back, waist, hips and legs plus regular pains in my chest and feet. Oh, I almost forgot pain in my butt when sitting for any length of time.

I did post on here some time ago that a GP I saw for the first time (not MS related) out of the blue said she didn’t think that I had MS as pain was not one of the normal symptoms ( it is my main symptom) and I had plenty of replies on here to say that pain is definately one of the symptoms of MS.

I don’t experience pain only had pain at the start of my two major relapses once given steroids this pain eased and disappeared. I have experienced a burning sensation which was put down to nerve pain whilst I had a uti. My problem is a crawling like sensation in my legs and feet I do take medication for that. I do feel I am quite fortunate that I don’t have pain very often. Hope you haven’t caused a jinx who knows with this disease.

I am diagnosed about 8 months and my symptoms have been present about a year and a half. I have no pain (touch wood). I get occasional darting pains from my wrists but that could be because I work on a PC all day.

I also get the MS hug now and then which does hurt but thankfully it usually passes very quickly.

My symptoms are weakness in limbs, tingles and numbness and optic problems.

I was diagnosed 14 years ago, but pain didn’t start until roughly 3 years ago.

Used to be in severe pain all night, every night ! 16 meds have failed to relieve it so far and the only thing that has helped has been my own education & changes to my mental approach.

It doesn’t clear all pain every now and then - but it is a damn sight more effective than all the prescription drugs I’ve been given over the years.

The thing to keep in mind is that MS is an entirely personal condition and what works for one person may not help someone else in the slightest e.g. plenty of folk have benefitted from ‘Gabapentin’, but it’s one of the meds that wasn’t successful for me.

All I’d suggest is try different things - get to know your MS - and accept that just because something works for some people, that’s no guarantee that it will also work for you!

Best of luck,


Hi, I don’t get any pain, I was diagnosed in 1995. Cheryl:-)

Hi, quite some years ago, it was thought, by the medical bods, that there was NO pain with MS.

People complaining of pain in MS were ignored!

We know better eh?


I hope you never experience MS pain, but I think the pain factor is pretty high. As Poll says, some of the medical bods dismiss pain as an element of MS! I think MSer’s know better.

Hi, I have pain now 24/7, meds are not doing it for me anymore, I was dx’d 7yrs ago, didn’t get any pain to start with, now it’s part of my life.x