Is it MS hug or not!!!!

Hi Ive been having sensory symtoms and not been taking any medication since dx 2010. But last few weeks i thought i pulled a mussle in my back but this has got much worse and its like im being squeezed around my ribs and is very painful. The pain is worse at night and the morning. I spoke with my MS nurse and she thought it was MS related. My doc phoned me asked me in but doesnt think its MS related! Im taking paracetimol and ibruprofen but i really dont think its helping the pain is easing slightly but ive got a buring sensation all around my ribs all the time. Im thinking ill contact my gp again on Monday but unsure what the side effects are to the neuropathic pain relief tablets are? im really not wanting to be on tablets but i frequently get pain in my legs and now this and pins and needles constantly im thinking that if i go on them then this will all stop. Any advise is welcome! Mojo

Thanx Mel, ive just changed GP so not sure about this practice! The MS nurse contacted them after i spoke with them. I had been to the GP last week requesting a blood test to see if that was why i had pins n needles since Dec which ive been ignoring till now! The GP toughed my ribs and i was in pain so i said so… He said he didnt think it was my MS but hes not a specialist and sent me away to take normal pain killers! He said my folic acid was low and told me to take that hoping my pins and needles would go away! He did say phone next week if im still the same! I feel like im a pain and trying to convince the GP it is to do with my MS… I feel i should just put up with it as there are people with alot worse than what im suffering…

Hi Mojo,

Are you already on any muscle relaxants such as baclofen? It may be a muscle relaxant you need, in preference to a neuropathic painkiller, as the “hug” sensation (if, in fact, it is that) is caused by tightening of the tiny muscles between the ribs.

I used to get unexplained chest pain before I was diagnosed, though I never suspected heart trouble, only indigestion. Since diagnosis and starting on baclofen, I don’t think I’ve had it again, touch wood. So it might just be coincidence, but I think the baclofen has fixed it.



Certainly sounds like the ‘Hug;’ see Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Specialists | Flawless

Tina’s idea of Baclofen seems a good idea; a muscle relaxant might just work; wonder why this has not been tried before?

Please make sure via your GP other things are definitely ruled out.


i’m 55 white female; relatively good health. don’t smoke, reduced cholesterol from 200 to 175, lost 110 lbs after sleeve in one year. about six months ago, i started having a strange numbness in my lower abdomen. all vitals were fine… neurologist did nothing but a consult suggesting i see his daughter, a nutritionist.

this numbness has spread to the fronts of my thighs, tingling down the left. i have tingling in upper left back over my shoulder blade off and on. but, the abdominal numbness feels like i’m wearing a compression garment, or girdle! which is how it’s being described as the “MS Hug”.

i’m waiting for my new neurologist/2nd opine, because the numbness has spread to my chest and breasts. the numbness in the abdomen has “deepened”… if i feel an itch, i can’t tell if i’m itching the itch; but, i feel a slight sense of pressure so that i know i’m touching my skin.

anyone WITH MS HUG experience the numbness, tingling?

thank you