ms hug??!!

Here i go again!! lol had a bad couple of weeks worst time in months. written already this last week about pins and needles and periods, well now i think ive been experiencing the ms hug? all of a sudden the muscles across my back go really tight for about 20 seconds and stops!! feels like something squeezing me tight and takes my breath away, very uncomfortable, could this be??? :o :o

It’s possible. Unfortunately not one I know a lot about. It’s caused by the muscles cramping / spasming. Things like baclofen can help (probably not worth it unless it happens regularly though), and you can try heat to relieve it if it lasts long enough to plug a heat pad in! I think breathing exercises can help too, but I’m not sure what they are, sorry!

Karen x

I have just had a couple of weeks where I have really stuggled with breathing problems…no heart or clotting problemsconfirmed by hospital…I was thinking it may be the ‘hug’… fortunately I have my first meeting with a neuro on Monday so hopefully will start to move forward in a DX. I also have the feeling that someone is ‘scrunching’ the inside of my back with their hand…is this something anyone else has come across?? It’s awful isn’t it? You to start to feel like a hypochondriact… :? :?

take care all…

Thanks for all your replys, very interesting and the advice helpful. seemed to have stopped again , just a cpl of times it happend
Take care everyone
Moggie xxx :shock: