MS hug??

Hi all :slight_smile: Can anybody please describe this for me? I’ve read a few previous posts and it does appear to be different for everybody but they also appear very similar in the sense that whichever area of the body is affected, the pain or discomfort kind of circles around that area. For example; around the trunk/abdomen - does that make sense? Keep finding myself demonstrating as it’s dificult to explain what I mean :roll: Anyway, I wondered if the sensation that I am experiencing sounds familar or could be described as a hug!! The sides of my back feel incredibly tight, my spine feels as if it’s being ‘gripped’ and I don’t feel that I can take a deep breath to fill my lungs!!! Apologies if this sounds like nonsense but grateful for any ideas/insight or understanding. Kirstie xxx

Hi Kirsty. I’ve only had the ‘MS Hug’ twice, but for me it was like a wire being pulled very tightly around my ribcage. Yes, the feeling of not being able to take a deep breath is exactly how I found it too. It certainly is painful isn’t it? Thankfully, mine didn’t last too long each time, but it can be scary. Someone explained that it’s due to the muscles between the ribcage going into spasm. It certainly isn’t ‘nonsense’ - it’s very real. Certainly something to mention to your Neuro so that it’s on your medical records. I take Pregabalin for Neuropathic pain - you may find that this helps. Take good care & do hope you get some relief soon. Bren2 x