Not heart, not stomach, muscle spasms.. MS Hug?

Hi, only posted here a few times and still not clued up about how forum works so apologies if in wrong section etc Looking for some thoughts on my latest experiences - would be great. Presently waiting for brain scan to ‘rule out’ MS. Diagnosed with perhiperhal nerve hyperexcitability which means I twitch constantly. No known reason as yet. History of problems with my perception of balance. & coordination but nothing particularly obvious to others around me. Find myself having to steady myself and clumsy. Severe bout of it recently stopped me from driving. History of migraine and severe eye pain and fatigue. And recently what was extreme upper back to front chest pain. Had it for over a week. Thought I needed A&E! Went to GP who ran ECG then said it not my heart although had high heart rate this was anxiety. Another GP said it was my stomach and increased my tummy tabs. I am under a gastro consultant and was due to see him. However, when I saw him he said it wasn’t stomach at all! It was muscle spasms… Ugh. So muscle spasms causing that amount if pain? So to cut a long story short, came home with heat packs and just tried to ignore the pain which was stabbing sometimes but mostly gnawing. Like someone was grabbing my back… Is this like the MS Hug? Todaythat back pain is somewhat better but I am now experience cramps randomly around body just squeezing cramps even in my buttocks! Very painful. Are these cramps something you experience with MS? I’ve had them before and the chest/back pain but this bout of it is so painful! Thank you for your help. I am just exhausted with being unwell all the time. Yet people look at me and think I look just fine! I know my body is telling me different…

Should also mention have loss of sensation back ankles to calf muscles and electric shock type sensation in feet when touching them!

Maybe it’s just muscle spasms? They are incredibly painful, quite often mistaken for heart pain. x


Maybe it’s just muscle spasms? They are incredibly painful, quite often mistaken for heart pain. x

[/quote] Thanks maybe! But experiencing them every couple of minutes all the time and with so many other issues not so sure… If they are just that in isolation then yes…

Hi Trueman,### ### Does sound like the Hug,

MS hug or girdle effect

Why does MS cause the hug or girdle effect?
This is a spasm-type symptom that is one of the more unusual effects of MS. Between each of our ribs are tiny muscles called intercostal muscles. These hold the ribs in place but provide flexibility at the same time. If these muscles go into spasm, the result can be uncomfortable or painful. This is sometimes referred to as ‘banding’.

People with this symptom of MS describe a burning or tight sensation which spreads around the rib cage, causing a crushing feeling that can range from uncomfortable to very painful. Sometimes it is accompanied by pins and needles. Most commonly felt around the ribs, occasionally the effect is experienced in the hands or feet.

Individuals with MS who experience the hug or girdle effect do not always have the same degree of intensity of pain. For some, it is no more than an uncomfortable feeling, which passes without the need for any treatment. Others, however, need pain relief to deal with the spasm. Analgesic cream, warmth and painkillers are all used to provide relief. Your medical professional will discuss how best to manage your pain and will bear in mind any other drugs you are taking

As an outside posability get your GP to check for Hughes Syndrome as this could explain your symptoms; it is a complaint that mimics MS.

Thank you! Will have a look into Hughes Syndrome. I am getting very painful spasms or cramps as I type, last about 30 secs stop then start again in minutes and all over body but mostly calves, bottom and back… and down back of legs. Forgot to mention that I have l lost some sensation in back of both ankles up toward calves and when you touch this area I get electric shocks side of feet! I hope this reply works - I am not sure how to reply on this forum. Do you click quote then delete quote which is what I have done this time! Sorry if I seem really stupid asking… Can’t see my comments when I type in comments box after… For some reason. I clearly must be missing something obvious! Thank you for your help.

You experience twitches, this may be an extension of that. I find myself assessing my twitches (left hamstring has been at it a lot today) as MS related as have toe spasms and hand tremors, but some of my perfectly healthy friends have them too. But it could be the hug, or something else completely. Your doctor will be able to help :slight_smile: