The hug and back pain

Hi, I’m quite new to this site and no diagnosis yet. Due to have a brain scan in 2weeks to ‘rule out’ MS I was told. Having had a read of some of the symptoms and posts one thing I noticed us the MS Hug that is mentioned. Curious to know if this can be felt in the back very painfully through to front upper chest? Have had a terrible 5 days now of holding myself back from going to A&E thinking I’m having heart problems! So frightening the pain, crushing, achy feeling…mostly in the back and my spine is so sore to touch! Is this like the MS Hug? I’ve had similar periods of this type of chest pain before. But this is really overwhelming. Made Doctor visit and was told could be stomach issues, changed my gastric tabs to much higher dose but really not sure it’s making any difference… Would be great if someone could share their experiences of the MS Hug…

I don’t know for definite but I had this pre diagnosis and neuro said since that it sounds like this was the hug. I did end up getting an ambulance out after ringinging the outs of hours doctors as I was in on my own and worried I was having heart problems. At the time was told not a heart problem but possibly pericarditis (inflammation of the sac around the heart) or chest infection. Now know it was most likely the ms. Be interesting to see if it is gastric then.

Thanks Sunflower. Pain so bad another trip to GP and had ECG which was ok apart from high heart rate! So been told its gastric possibly an ulcer and anxiety thrown in. Now on ulcer treatment. The thing is that it feels muscular as well like upper back spasms and my spine is so sore to touch. The MS Hug would explain a lot with regard to previous chest/upper back pain in past. For gastro consultant tom and suspect will end up with appt for camera into stomach… Oh fun. Was your hug upper back/chest, how did it feel if you don’t mind me asking?Thanks Sunflower.

Hey, Strange I totally understand the pain your going through i’m experiencing the same not a good feeling. I’m due to visit the doctors next week. my back is pain so much that i’m using a hot water bottle to ease the pain :frowning: Not sure what gp will say but on that note i’m seen the physio on the 1st Nov. cross fingers i should be pain feel on the back at least lol . x

Good luck