MS hug, advice and opinions appreciated :-) xx

Hi all, just wanted peoples thoughts and advice on the following, also want to know if anyone has experienced the same symtoms?

I woke up in agony last night with a burning crushing pain in my abdomen all the way round my back from which pain seemed to radiate in spasms from. I found it really difficult to sit up.

Got settled back in bed only for same to happen twice more. Ended up getting up and took the dogs a walk. Pain was not as intense at this point but felt a bit wobbly on my feet and still had a tightness round my abdomen.

I have experienced the same symtoms a couple of times before but just put it down to back pain, now i realise its not like any back pain i’ve experienced in the past.

I’m currently undiagnosed, seeing neurologist the end of this month.

I have posted all my symtoms in another thread so don’t want to bore everyone with them again.

Would be grateful for any opinions?


Samm xx

Hi Samm,

It sounds like you do have the MS Hug although I know when I lie down I don’t feel the sensations much, it’s just when I’m standing or moving about.

The MS Hug has got to be the biggest irritant for me at the moment. I currently have it but don’t experience pain, it just annoys the hell out of me. I have a crushing sensation though not painful.

I went to see my neuro last week and am now on meds to help try and ease the hug and my numbing sensations. You should try and see if you can bring your appointment forward although hopefully you have already had an MRI or LP and are going back for results.

To try and ease the pain eat smaller meals, lie down when you can and wear loose clothing.

Hope this helps



Hi Makks and many thanks for your reply, very much appreciated.

This will be my first neurology appointment, although had and MRI done while in hospital last July with what docs thought was a stroke, but are now saying tests done after discharge would suggest I did not have a stroke, and also MRI result showed a lesion which was more in line with MS than stroke.

I just wanted to hear what other folks experiences of MS hug were, as I am still a relative newbie, lol.

Many thanks for your advice,


Samm x