Hi all

I hope today is a good day for everyone, well as good as it can be I mean.

I normally get vibrating feeling in my legs when I am in bed, but for the last couple of days, I have had this in my right bum cheek! Feels like I am sat on a mobile phone!

its not painful as such, just really annoying, and I just wondered if anyone has encountered this before, or is it just me.

Pam x

Pam that sounds quite odd. A bit like that Renault advert from a few years ago-“shaking that ass”. I can well imagine it being irritating. It could be a visiting symptom. I get the odd sorts of shakes, numbness etc which hand around for a few weeks then disappear. Hope yours is one of these,

Best wishes, Steve.

In recent times, I’ve occasionally had an almost painful, burning sensation in my ankle, just when lying in bed, which is weird, and very annoying when trying to sleep. It’s like a nerve is raging. What I found is that rubbing on a natural muscle rub (by Badger Balm, it has ginger and cayenne in it) makes it disappear immediately. But I’m not sure I’d want to rub it on a whole buttock, so this might not be a helpful suggestion. I have had this weird vibration thing in both legs when going to bed, just a couple of times, but it disappeared again. I hope your symptom is also temporary.

Best wishes

Hi Steve

Yeah, I agree it does sound odd, but it feels the same sort of vibration that I get in my legs, just hope it de ides to go away soon.

I have a pressure cushion on my power chair, so I can’t think its that. Just one of the many strange symptoms that ms brings.

Pam x

Hi Lapwing

Thanks for responding, although the vibrating is annoying when trying to sleep, the last couple of days I have found quite frustrating, and will be glad when it goes.

Take care

Pam x

I have had this in my chest it feels really odd, as you say not painful just unsettling and slightly annoying after a while. Hope you get relief from it soon.

Jan x

Hi Jan

Yes, it does feel strange, but annoying, so I am sat on one cheek at the moment, not very comfortable, so I am off to bed.

Hey ho, tomorrow is another day.

Pam x

Over the years I have had so many things come and go I hope it decides it has given you enough trouble and goes away


Hi Pam. Is it anything like when you get like a fluttery feeling? I get that on my face at times and it feel like my eyelid is vibrating. I imagine it’s one of those silly nerve symptoms, a form of paresthesia. I hope it settles down for you. Just think though, many people pay a lot of money for machines that make their muscles vibrate to tone up. You might have a very impressive rear by the time it settles down. MS may have some benefits!

Take care.

Cath x

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Hi Pam,

Sounds nasty, I hope it is one of those things that pass!

take care of yourself,

love Nina x

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Thanks Don, hope all is well for you.

Pam x

Hi Catch

I must admit whilst it is really annoying, I did chuckle to myself thinking some people would pay money for this!

I had a better night so am hopeful today will be better. Hope all is OK for you.

Pam x

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Sorry, should say Cath, stupid tremor.

PaM x

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Thanks Nina, I am sure it will. Hope you are OK.

Pam x

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Hi Pam, Like you I’ve got the vibrating phone in my legs and have had for a few years… and sometimes it spreads up to nether regions (not fun at all) and even up my torso and sometimes on my face… but those ones are temporary.

Although the legs are 24/7 it varies in intensity. It’s a bit of a warning really. If it’s bad when I wake up I know it’s going to be ‘one of those days’.

Actually when I had a dx of ME I put ‘vibrations in legs’ in google (I know I know) and sure enough got MS links.

I notice a lot of people call it ‘buzzing’ (and perhaps theirs is a different sensation) as ‘vibration’ is a much better description.

Hope yours goes soon… I have a feeling it will.

Pat xx

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Thanks Pat, although I have vibrating in my legs in bed, never had it in my bum cheek before.

Today it has been on and off, which I take as a positive, cos it has been all day before.

Hope all is well for you, Spring is just around the corner, snowdrops are out and bulbs pushing up through the soil.

Pam x