Weird vibrating muscles in my hand

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been experiencing a weird vibration in the fleshy part of my hand below the base of my thumb. It comes and goes randomly. It’s a bigger vibration today than yesterday. I can see the vibration on the surface of my hand - the skin is visibly vibrating too, a fast repetitive twitching action. It feels weird - as if there’s some electrical stimulation going on (which I suppose is exactly what it is). I think it’s called ‘fasciculation’.

I don’t mind it - it’s not painful, it’s not even really uncomfortable, but it’s odd and distracting, as if an alien has somehow wired up my hand and is interfering with it without my consent.

This is not what I would expect as a normal MS symptom. Has anyone else experienced it? If you have, it would be great to hear from you.

Greeting all round,


Hey Chris. I’ve had this. Also had a twitch under my eye one time that was more irritating. My right calf currently feels tight (and hot) and keeps twitching, like when you jump as you fall asleep. …all part of the fun and games… Andy

I’m not PPMS, but I think of it as a completely normal MS symptom, and I’m curious why you think it isn’t?

I get both invisible vibrations, which I assume is a purely sensory phenomenon, and nothing is really vibrating, and visible fasciculations - the latter mostly in my feet.

Sometimes it looks like Alien, and as if something is literally going to burst out.

I found this weird and a bit unnerving (no pun intended), when it first started happening, but now I’ve been diagnosed nearly five years, I rarely find anything odd anymore.

I know it would be unwise to assume everything’s always MS, but I don’t think you’re taking a big risk accepting this one.


Hi Chris

I have had this in my legs, not painful just looks like something under the skin is moving around.

I also experience a vibration in my legs, mostly in bed, and that feels like I am lying on a mobile phone.

All very weird, and yes I am led to believe that both of these are MS symptoms.

Hope it goes away for you soon, take care.

Pam x

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Hi Chris,

Like you and the other posters here, I too get fasciculation. It’s always more noticeable in bed, never painful, but a bit uncomfortable when under an eye. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.


Hi Chris,

I have had the simular problem this ONLY happens in my right ear radomly it’s like a pulserating feeling this has been going on for many years now and every doctor i have seen about this problem just blame my MS,


Thanks everyone for all your replies. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone with this!

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I had this going on with my left foot a while ago and it really did upset me, not because it hurt or anything but because it was a big & really frequent reminder of my MonSter. It was also on my ‘good’ side i.e. the normal one! So it did feel like insult to injury

I was so glad when it diminished and I feel for anyone who gets this

Sonia x

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