strange sensations that have got me a bit scared.

Hi All

Was just wondering if anyone else has experianced these strange sensations.

I am currently having a flare up of old symptoms and am currently suffering from optic neuritis for the first time.

Last night I had a feeling of..can only explain it as a wave of 'nothingness' that goes through my whole body. It lasts about a second if that.

This happened about 3 times over an hour. Luckily I was sitting down at the time.

When I got up, I experianced another one and went all light headed and eyesight went blurry.

This passed and then 10mins later I felt unwell again and lost all co-ordintation in my left hand.

Again this passed, but the next one made my speech slurred.

Within 15 mins I was back to normal again.

It scared me senseless and my children did phone 999.  The paramedic done usual checks and said that was all ok and advised me to see my doctor (which I will tomorrow)

I dont have an official dx yet and am wating to see a ms neuro as previous neuro rulled out everything else but wasnt willing to make a dx. (this was last year. mri head was clear, neck was unclear and l.p showed inflammation)

Can symptoms come on this quick and last just a few seconds?

Teri x

Hi Teri x I have only had one experience similar to that - it lasted a minute & has never happened again x good luck in the docs -xxjenxx


I have lots of other symptoms, but one that is maybe similar to what you are expriencing, 


I have just stood up, or be walking along, and all of a sudden i get the horriblest feeling at the bottom of my back, it heats up and feels like my legs are going to give way and i cant move this lasts for just under a minute,

The first time this happened to me was years ago, and i actually fell down the stairs breaking my wrist!!

I never really gave much thought to the why! mentioned it to the doc at the hospital, but nothing was done! 14 years on having had that feeling along with many others, worsening over the past 8 months or so i have been reffered to a neuro, who has ordered a mri lumber and a few other tests!!!! 

The band, is how the neuro refered to the heated back and numbness! It's worth mentioning this to your doc if you haven't already!!

Best of luck


Hello all and thankyou for the replies.

I went to the doctors and am now being referred to a different neuro department.


All I can say is the moral of the story...

If you experiance any new sensations or a difference in existing sensations, always go and see your doctor ect.


I am no longer going to see myself as a pain or afraid of wasting the docs time. Or thinking I am going 'crazy'.


On the bright side of life, I am now hoping that seeing a new neuro department, plus the ms department at end of next month, that between them they might finally be able to tell me what is going on.

Teri x

This is a very apt message! I’m lying here wondering whether to bother seeing someone today about my head pressure/stabs of pain/eyeache which are now worrying me - whenever I see anyone they’re very lovely but they always say there’s nothing they can do - if there’s nothing they can do there’s no point turning to them for help. You have encouraged me to put my fears aside and say ‘I’m worried, please help me!’

I hope you get some answers soon Teri. x