Odd symptoms

Anybody get symptoms that only last for seconds or minutes?

Every now and then, I feel weired like everything has move sort of lopsided but only for a few seconds,was sat down at the time

i wondered what other people’s experiences are?

Hi Smokey

Sometimes when I’m sat or standing still, I feel dizzy in my head…like I will fall to one side. Is that what you mean?

I am assuming it is down to brain lesions.

Take care xx

Mmm it’s more like the feeling of falling to one side, without actually moving, so I guess it maybe the same, I’ve only had it twice this year so far but it’s I bit unnerving to say the least.

I wonder what else is next,I hope it’s not my balance I’ve been lucky so far with mainly just suffering from fatigue, and odd symptoms that come and go when they like.

is white matter the same as lesions? As I know I have some of them.