Weird feelings

I’ve started to get a weird feeling at times and it’s a worry. I was driving and it was like I was watching the road and scenery not really doing the driving. It was like I was watching myself doing the driving but not doing it myself. It was sort of like a dream.

I had a bad experience 4 weeks ago when I was in the garden, I stood up, had a reddish flash, then a white vision, a banging sound and then I found myself laying on the lawn and wondering where I was. My dad was with me and saw what happened, I had got up stumbled around, fell into the conservatory wall and then fallen backwards onto the lawn.

I went to the doctors but after checking my blood pressure it was low so that was probably the cause. I still have a large lump on my head from that day.

Maybe the blood pressure could be a cause of the weird feelings I’ve been having lately. Have any of you good people had any similar feelings of being kind of ‘spaced out’ and not really there?

I’ve been feeling a bit woozy and dizzy. The MS nurse said I need to eat breakfast and eat more regularly. I think it has helped although it was never an issue before. Just another change to deal with!

Nothing as major as your event, but yes I have occasionally (and very mildly) felt like this. I also have low blood pressure and moving from standing to flat on my back makes me feel very woozy for a couple of seconds, but the spaced out feeling is something different. Sometimes, I have trouble walking and ‘seeing’ at the same time. I’m sure that is more a balance issue, but sometimes I feel I’m not really ‘seeing’ / ‘registering’ my surroundings. Art galleries are right out of the question!

Emma x

hi billywhizz

i had an episode when i reached up to get the teabags from the topo of the cupboard.

next thing i knew i was lying on the kitchen floor with a worried husband and 2 paramedics kneeling beside me.

i had split my head open on the tiled floor.

was taken to A & E for stitches and they told me it was postural hypotension.

i still have it but know now to sit on the floor before i fall on it.

sometimes it happens when i turn over in bed but i treat it as a head rush and pretend that it’s a pleasant thing. ( sort of people take drugs to eperience this!!)

you need to keep well hydrated because dehydration causes it as well.

good luck

carole x