Head bump.

I was out in the garden on Saturday checking something on the lawn, the next thing I remember was seeing a white flash, hearing a bang and was laying on the ground a yard away wondering where I was. Apparently I had stood up, stumbled backwards, fallen into the conservatory wall and then bounced back onto the ground. The white flash must have been the conservatory and the bang was my head hitting it. I went to the doctors and found I had low blood pressure so when I stood up the blood dropped to my feet, so to speak. So now I have a large lump on my head, at least it’s taken my mind off my MS. At least it’s something to laugh at in the future. I’m sure there must be an easier way to forget the MS, any ideas?

hi billy

i reached up to get teabags off the top of the kitchen cupboards and next thing i knew there were paramedics kneeling beside me asking questions. i split my scalp and had to be taken to hospital for stitches. (leaving husband to mp up the blood!)

it’s postural hypotension. low blood pressure can be sorted by upping salt intake and drinking plenty of water.

i’ve more or less got it under control now.

carole x