Over the last few weeks I have been getting bouts of lightheadedness.

I did have a bit of a chest infection for a couple of weeks and thought it might have been contected to this but my cold has now gone but the lightheadedness has not.

It has just occured to me today that this could possibly be a side effect of rebif so was just wondering if anyone else experienced this?

i’ve fainted because my blood pressure plummets if i look up or down.

its not so bad now that i know about it but it took me coming round with paramedics knelt beside me before i found out!

hope someone else replies with more info

carole x

Main symptom of my recent relapse was extreme light headed ness/dizziness. Made much much worse when horizontal and especially if move my head to right - bringing me to the point of practically passing out - frightening. Would love to know if anyone else has experienced similar. I am due to start med (on nil currently) soon. Hope that helps.

I kept having bad dizzy spells and have realised its worse when I bend my head forward so finding all your reports on head position very enlightening. Would be interesting to have a medical explanation. Keeping good posture helps most of the time but sometimes I do just have what I term dizzy days where I don’t drive and rest a lot.

min and bea

my gp tested for postural hypotension by taking my blood pressure with one of those pegs they use in hospital

he then asked me to stand up, asking me if i felt alright. the first 5 times i said ok but then i had to sit back down suddenly.

he saw my blood pressure plummet.

klom - i dont know if this is your problem

carole x

Hi Carole

It doesn’t seem connected to standing up quickly. I can have been sat for a while and it will just come over me in a wave. It’s very strange.