Hello everyone

Hi all

its been a while since I have visited this site as have been coping well with RRMS which I was diagnosed with nearly 4 years ago. Earlier this week I developed a light headed feeling like when you get a head rush if you stand up too quickly. I have had it before & I have upped my water in take & had an early night. I have had it for about 4 days now. It comes and goes throughout the day & it isn’t bad enough to stop me doing day to day things. Has anybody else experienced this & if so is there anything I can do to help it?

Thanks any advice would be appreciated

Charlotte x

Hi Charlotte :slight_smile:

I get a light headed feeling quite often, when I move my head, it’s only ever been momentary though, it doesn’t hang around.

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I had the feeling your describing constantly for 3 weeks but it I felt like I was in a contstant waltzer too and I couldn’t get out of bed for the whole relapse so maybe it’s a mild relapse.

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Hello old buddy!

We used to pm each other a bit back, didn’t we hun?

Good to see you back. Sorry I can’t offer much help on your question.

Luv Pollyx

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Could be vertigo? I’m feeling the same thing right now!

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I’ve just been to the gp this week with dizziness and he said it was something to do with the middle ear and he thinks it’s the ms that’s caused it. I have been given tablets but he is not sure they will work so it looks like another thing I have to put up with.

Mags xx

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Thanks everyone!! I don’t think it’s bad enough to make me go doctors if I still have it next week I will mention to my ms nurse.

Hi polly yes we used to how are u keeping? Sorry I disappeared for a while I found myself on here quite a bit reading lots of stuff & was starting to feel myself get a bit scared as u do read about how some people really go through it on here so I stopped looking at it for a while

Char xx