New symptom??? not sure

Hey Guys/girls,

How is everyone this friday evening? NOt been on in a while but thought i would come on here today for a moan lol

Well lately nearly all of this week I have been having dizzy spells well everytime I stand up Iam feeling like im drunk (I havnt touched a drop in a month or so) Does anyone else get this with there MS?

Interested to know about peoples new related symptoms etc or if you just fancy a moan/chat lol.get in touch.


Hi Darren I sometimes get this just for a few seconds. This was one of many of my first symptoms and gp told me it was infection of the middle ear, but shortly after that i was diagnosed. That was back in 2009 and I still get it. My biggest problem at the moment is really bad pain, numbness and stiffness in my feet legs and arms. hope things improve for you soon

kim x

Hi Darren,

Yes I get them too, and like Kim they just last a few seconds and I just give it that time to settle and then get on with what I was doing. I dont get them a lot just now, touch wood, but earlier this year it was very frequent, really now it’s only when I’m fatigued, that’s when all my annoying wee symptoms jump in to warn me to rest!, so I try when I can to pace myself.



Thanks for reply ladies, \i will message you both seperately.x

Morning Darren, Yes on occasions I get this, only lasts for a little while, also if I look down, when my head comes back up things move, very strange feeling, I was told that this is very much MS, take care, Jean

Hey Jean

Hope your having a nice day so far.

I have been told it is an middle ear infection and should clear but if it isnt this it will be MS progression, so got antibiotics which should help.


Chat later if you like


A question because I’m not sure : can your Ms progress get worse or progress without a relapse? Only I was dx in September of last year and haven’t had another relapse since August of last year, but from then until now I feel worse and I am experiencing pain in my arms on and off but the pain can be awful. So hence my confusion of feeling worse but no relapse.