Not feeling Heard!!!

Hey everyone,
I am not diagnosed yet but have so many symptoms of MS. I am on the road to hopefully finding out what is going on but I’m just feeling totally helpless and not listened to at the minute. I know from reading people posts it can be a very fustrating process. My concern is that everyone is just overlooking the symptoms I am experiencing. I feel like because they can’t be seen they don’t exist only in my head and it’s a total mind f**k!
I suffer from daily headaches which I don’t know if they are related or not but anytime I speak to a medical professional it’s like they disregard everything else and just focus on the headaches. I had a normal brain scan in April of this year which is also a sticking point for many.
I’m just looking for any advice or anything that can help me advocate for myself because right now I am losing the will and the fight to try and find a diagnosis.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate any help offered :pray::pray:

My neurologist was at my first appointment convinced I suffered with migraines even though I have never had one :woman_facepalming:t2: I was getting headaches and often but mild and easily treated with paracetamol. She documented my other symptoms but wrote them all down wrong and said I probably have carpel tunnel syndrome (tested and I don’t). Since my MRI’s it’s taken another path but still undiagnosed. I’ve armed myself with notes, symptom lists, times and dates to take with me to my next appointment after reading threads on here with advice. I would say keep an open mind too, we can convince ourselves of a diagnosis when it could be something completely different. Be firm and make sure you explain everything even if seemingly insignificant and worst case scenario you can ask for a second opinion or be referred to another nhs trust. Good luck!

Hi Fatgirlthin83,

Thanks so much for your reply! I ended up in A&E yesterday in what is described as one of the best neurology hospitals in the country(I’m in Ireland), as my GP is not happy with the speed and progress that is being made even though I have paid to go private for all my neurology apts and tests! Thanks for your advice I have been keeping a diary of all my symptoms and just praying I get some answers soon. It’s very disheartening when your body is totally different than what you are used to and the fatigue is stopping my everyday life. How are you on your journey have you had a diagnosis yet?

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Bless you! I hope you are feeling a bit better? It’s beyond frustrating care and wait times are stretched but there are definitely areas that seem severely affected such as Neuro. I’m nearly two years into investigations. I’ve had my second MRI and lumbar puncture and am awaiting an appointment in a week or so. I’m scheduled in for an annual MRI next year too so I’m assuming there is something going on. I guess they wouldn’t plan MRIs for nothing :woman_shrugging:t2: if she says it’s migraines I will loose my head :joy::joy:

Ah you are making progress so! I know I thought yesterday when my GP referred me to that hospital I would definitely feel a little more like I wasn’t losing my mind but how and ever! We will soldier on. Sometimes you just need to vent to people in a similar situation because as much as your family and friends care they just don’t understand how hard it is.
Hope you get answers soon I will
Keep an eye out for updates from you. Sending you well wishes x

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Hi My name is Mads im new here dont have a clue what im doing…ive been suffering a mix of symptoms and had 3 different diagnoses.
Never Ms tho coz my MRI was always ok…recently my symptoms took on a whole new feel and i was worried i was having a heart attack or stroke…
But i know its nerve damage coz of the pain and the painful tickle pain that goes down my neck…and the pain i constantly have in my right side…

Its horrible not being able to talk to someone who could understand
Its like nobody believes me…coz nobody feels what im feeling…

Im so sorry this is your post not mine apologies

Much love Mads