Something new to me

Hi, I was diagnosed with ms when I was 26 and I’m now (ssshh) 51. But over the last few weeks I’ve had rushing in my ears, a stiff neck and that horrible spaced out feeling us msers know about. Just wondered if I could be fighting a virus and this is making all the horrid little side effects come out. Does anyone have any ideas please.

Hi, wondered how you are feeling now? Any signs of a virus yet? Could you have a UTI perhaps? If not then it could be a relapse. You’ve had MS for such a long time so it’s good to know that even you need some advice sometimes. I’ve only had it 4 years so kind of feel like I should know a bit about it by now but I never know what is a relapse until things get really bad :frowning:

I normally rest up for a few days and see if my symptoms subside and if that doesn’t do the trick then I start asking for help from the professionals (ie this forum and then the MS nurse!)

At least my reply should bump you back to the front page where others will spot your post.

Tracey x

Hi, what type of MS do you have? I ask because if it is RRMS, then maybe your meds (if you are on any that is) need tweaking, eh?

It could also be some kind of infection. Has it improved or worsened now?

If it has worsened, then a visit to your gp may help.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll thank you for your e mail. My doc has offered me steroids but I’m hanging on as I seem to be feeling a little better today and stiff neck is bearable now. Ooh yeh I have RRMS so hopefully will go as quick as it came. Never can tell can you. I walked into work yesterday and bawled my eyes out when one of my lovely colleagues asked how I was, so maybe that helped too. Have taken a week off work to recharge. Thanks again Poll luv Jane xxx

Hi Tracey, I can’t believe I’ve never posted on this site. It’s so uplifting to get a message from someone who has taken the time to send a message. I’ve taken some time off work and although pottering do feel a little better. I’ve had awful ear ache but that’s gone much better so perhaps it was a virus after all. Thank you Tracey and I hope you are well at the moment. Luv Jane xxx

This sounds like sinusitis. The rushing in the ears and spaced out feeling definitely fit (not sure about the stiff neck) Try some Sudafed and see if it helps.