Dizzy and worried

Hi everyone, I hope you’re as well as can be. I have RRMS. I have been in the same relapse, my first, for about fourteen months. Generally lots of pain but still able to walk, work etc. The last few days I have been really dizzy, in much more pain and have a banging headache. It’s not the usual dizziness I used to get from the painkillers. Is it a MS thing? I did read the other threads on this but couldn’t work out if it is actually an MS symptom. I have a baby and I’m not feeling too confident in taking care of him right now. I don’t know if I should have the day off work tomorrow so I can rest up while the baby is at childcare. Any advice? I’m just sitting here crying and don’t know what to do. Xxx

Hi Lisajane,

Im sorry to hear you’re feeling like this.

I don’t know what to siggest but i do k 9w you should take the day off, seriously. Rest is so important and i think it’s what uou need right now.

All the best and i hope you recover quickly, RL

Defentley rest as much as possible and don’t put everything down to ms. I have my own chair at my doctors because I don’t let anything slide! Just think of it as if you didn’t have me and you had those symtoms? Would you seek further medical advice?

I constantly get this dizzy nausea headaches, a bit like car sickness.

GP says its definitely MS related, MS nurse says MS don’t normally give headaches, online search says its common amongst people with MS to get symptoms similar to vertigo.

I have had the car like sickness, dizziness on and off for years. It’s been at it’s worst for about the last 3 months. My GP and MS nurse both have stated it is MS related. It is the nausea feeling that is most unpleasant!