Hi all not been on for a while, hope you are all ok as you can be. I have had a miserable few weeks, just generally feeling rubbish. My latest is feeling so dizzy, it was quite scary yesterday and today, I thought I was going to fall over several times. Anyway thought a trip to the gp was in order, he checked my pulse, heart etc and said all seemed fine, but my blood pressure was very high but he didn’t really think this was the course of dizziness . Just as well I went though, he has put me on medication to try and reduce my blood pressure, another tablet to take !! I have to go back on Wednesday to have it checked again. Do many of you of you suffer from dizziness and does it happen at any particular time ? I am really fed up at the moment and just don’t know what to do with myself, oh and I had to have a tooth extracted this morning. Sorry for the whinge. Karen x

YUCK I hate the dizzies. I get it a lot. Glad you got your blood pressure checked. Low blood pressure is usually the common culprit but obviously not in your case! And it doesn’t sound like typical vertigo either.

This might sound weird but as I said it is something I have a lot and has contributed to many falls for me. My neuro reccommended that I alternate every glass of water with a glass of a sports energy drink. That sometimes even a small drop in essential electolytes can make people dizzy. I was a bit sceptical but erhum… it worked and my dizzies have eased right off. And if I do get a bout of it a glass of sports drink fixes it.

I don’t mean one of the caffeine ones like Red Bull or anything. I mean something like Powerade… It can’t hurt and might help. Just make sure you mix it strictly according to the instructions and do rinse your mouth out with plain water after drinking it as they do contain sugar and aren’t great for your teeth

Take care


Hi Karen, I find the dizziness is really horrible, I’ve had this for the last 5-6 weeks and it can happen when I’m standing or sitting, also feel like something is being flushed throughout my body and like I’m going to fall over even though I’m sitting !!! Have you had your blood tested for thyroid problems ??? I’ve very recently started rebif and my ms nurse said that my thyroid levels were a bit low. Now I don’t know how low this is but it would explain a lot of the symptoms I’m having including feeling unusually down, have no energy, this awful strange tightness in my throat which I’ve been suffering from for months and dry skin and hair. I am going to make appointment with gp to ask his opinion as I just keep putting everything down to MS but it might be something else. Like you, I really don’t want to keep living with this horrible dizziness if I don’t have to.

Hi Karen

I know just how you feel, the dizziness is one of my biggest problems. All different types of dizziness i have had them all. One of the things that helps me are some antihestimene/travel sickness tablets. There are a few different types you can have so its worth asking your GP about them.

I know it is hard to do, but the best way that i cope is to sit still, get on the sofa and settle in for the day, the housework will still be there tomorrow.

Hi Karen It was the dizziness that led me to the GP who diagnosed labyrinthitis, when other symptoms followed within a couple of weeks, I saw a neuro and the rest as they say… Anyway that was August of last year and the dizziness has remained since in varying degrees, but it’s never gone away. Xx

Hi Karen dizziness is my main symptom too, in fact it also led to my dx like MrsH. I’ve struggled with it for nearly 12 months, don’t get me wrong some days are more manageable than others but it won’t go away. I’ve tried meds nothing works and I’m doing exercises at the mo which seem to help a little, a little is better than nothing as I see it. Please speak to your ms nurse, they may be able to help you too Take care Mini x

Thank you for all your replies, it really does help knowing that others have the same problems. Sometimes enough is enough but I won’t let it beat me, I am feeling more positive today. Tale care everyone and thanks again. Karen xxxx

Hi, just a thought. I get bouts of dizziness and was diagnosed with benign positional vertigo. Something to do with the ‘granules’ in your ear getting in the wrong place. Gp did a ? Manoeuvre by tilting me in various ways. In 3 days I felt much better. Ob this was nothing to do with the ms but maybe worth looking into? Being dizzy is horrible when unsteady on your legs anyway :frowning: Best wishes Sue x