I’m having a quiet day my arms and legs haven’t quite forgiven me for doing a serious tidy of the toy room and willows bedroom. But my question is relating to dizziness Before my last big relapse I started to feel dizzy but had just started cocodemal so blamed that now realise it was the start of the relapse. The dizziness disappeared so it can’t hAve been the cocodemal. About 6 weeks ago it returned for a week and them left. Today I’ve gotten up and just been dizzy and my head feels like cotton wool. But not sure if it to do with tiredness fatigue has set in today. It’s so annoying if I keep going and push body there no fatigue but today I knew my legs needed a break and now my head feels fuzzy. My legs also feels like a they are dead If you hit them solid with no give. Do any of you have dizziness off and on Apologies for the ramble heads not quite with it today x

Yes, dizzy right now.
I am sure there are lots of triggers, but I think todays stress hasn’t helped. It feels like my brain is slowly spinning in my skull. When I walk, it takes an effort to walk in a straight line and not do not so graceful pirouettes.

It seems to have been happening more and more, I have the bruises to prove it.

Yes Em, I’m dizzy all day, everyday!!

Got a lot worse over recent weeks, so I’m currently trying out medication Prochloroperizine (Stemetil) tablets to deal with this issue. However, after 10 days this medication hasn’t helped in the slightest

Must get in touch with my GP shortly to let her know how things are at the mo’ and get her advice as to whether to persist or try a different med (…there are others for this purpose, just don’t know whether any other med will actually work for me ?!)


Yes Em, I’m always dizzy and off balance…it’s the norm for me now. If I do too much then it’s get’s worse but I’m well practiced at delagating

It’s difficult for you, with two active little people on your hands…your a busy mum. Don’t try to do everything yourself, I’m sure your mum and dad still enjoy helping, don’t they?

Noreen xx

Have to agree with all the above comments Em, sorry.
It does seem par for the course unfortunately.
I call it the wobblies, I have noticed it can be worse in hot weather or following any sort of activity.
Such as walking any distance.

Take Care.


Hi everyone Thanks for the replies I think I’m just tired. Been having a lot of meals at mums but cooked dinner yesterday. Then stayed up late slept in. Then took it into my heD to make dinner for mum tonight made pasta for the kids and put on a mammoth portion of mince. Legs are killing me as I didn’t use my chair so stood for about 2/3 hours. I have a headache. And I’ve just realised I haven’t taken the pill a few days oops and hormone seemed to make ms worse and I used to get migraines with my periods and forgetting has maybe knocked me off as I don’t get periods with this pill. Going to have an early night and get up tomorrow fresh, It just annoys me it’s making even more stuff hard. My parents are great Noreen they do the nursery run in the morning. Callum has his induction at school next week so lots going on in my head.

Hi, i also suffer from dizziness all the time. i had my initial attack 2 years ago to the week,fortunately i have not had any relapses ( touch wood ). My MS nurse referred me to a physio for vestibular rehabilitation and she introduced me to exercises called Cooksey Cawthorne. For me they worked and i found when doing the exercises over a period of time the dizziness subsided and if i was lazy and did not do them for a week or two my dizziness would increase. I also do find, as daft as it may sound, that when the weather changes (low/high pressure or vice a versa) that initial change can highten my dizziness, but saying that i saw my consultant today and he raised his eyebrows when i mentioned this to him but i was not like this before my MS. I totally agree with what Paul said to you about the fact that it feels like your brain is spinning all the time, i feel like that too, just want to get hold of it and keep it still.

Hope you feel better soon and take care

hugs Sharon.x

Feels like I have a churning brain (not spinning! lol) a lot of the time, necking a stemitol does help a bit for me when its at its worst, so worth a shot. x

Hi Em,

Yep - dizziness is usual for me too. Eveything from room spinning when sitting down to slightly light-headed. But it is on and off so hopefully yours will go soon.

Take care hun

JBK xx