Dizzy or Seizures ?

Hi everyone

Looking for advice again!

I am just wondering if anyone else suffers with seizures or absences? Today I had a really strange experience which I can only describe as like a fainting feeling but did not know it was happening. I did not fall over. I was sat at my desk and just kind of woke to be a dit dizzy when my colleague walked in. The whole incident only lasted I think seconds. I did feel quite dizzy sat at my desk for a few moments afterwards.

I had a similar

episode when i was walking down the street a few months back, but on this occasion I was very concious but everything just seem to go dizzy and felt as though I need to hold onto something to steady myself.

Just wondering if anyone else has these episodes, or is it just an MS symtom of dizziness?

I am blonde too, so maybe its just that!

Hi Helv, I think it might be fatigue. The brain kind of cutting out for a few sec’s because you’re over-tired.

Strangely enough I was answering another post on here the other day of someone who felt like they were in a dream world on the way home from work. I asked it she worked on a computer and she said yes. Bet you do too?

When I still worked I sat for hours in front of computer and would get periods of feeling really peculiar. Kind of like I was on a drug, and times when my mind would go completely blank. Scary actually.

I now think it was brain fatigue. Dizziness can also be a sign of fatigue.

Try to take short breaks from the computer. Look out of a window or walk around the office carrying a bit of paper (people always assume you’re doing something if you carry a bit of paper!). Try and go for a leasurely walk at lunch time.

Or you could dye your hair… lol.

When you say ‘just an MS symptom of dizziness’ I would say dizziness isn’t something to take lightly. It’s a difficult symptom to deal with… so think about fatigue and see if there’s ways you can lighten your load.

Pat x

HI Pat

Yes I was sitting by my computer and going between computer work and actual manual peety cash book. it was as though i had fainted and just come around but eas still sitting up. i felt i had lost about a minute but was rally dizzy.

I probably am tired too, as I dont tend to sleep easily at night, nit really before middight and wake up around 7am for work. Today it was 5.30am when my little girl woke me.

The other time I was just walking down the street and I suddenly felt really weird and dizzy. Is this an ms symptom

Thanks for you help, it was really scary

Hi I have different types of seizures including absence. It doesn’t sound like o e to me. When I’m having one someone walking in the room doesn’t snap me out of it, I’ve had people shake me in the past and it doesn’t work. The other thing is that when I do come out of it I have no idea where I am or what is happening. I don’t recognise people I see everyday. I think I would agree with pat, it does seem more like fatigue. Hope your ok Xxx

Hi Helv

I get this too. It’s difficult to describe, and quite scary. Its just like I go ‘off-line’’ for a second, and coming round I feel dizzy/swimmy, and my heart rushes. It’s happened sitting watching TV, walking down the street, and at my computer. I’ve talked to the docs about it, but they are at a loss too, suggesting a whole range of things from anxiety (that seems to account for everything they can’t fathom!) to petit mal, to palpitations or mini-migraine(?) to a type of virtigo! but I think Pat’s probably right, it’s most likely brain fatigue.

Although, I’m blonde too…!

I too get this a lot. Usually people think I’m acting a bit odd as my arms shoot outwards to grab something to steady myself (even while seated I end up gripping the desk) as it feels as if my head’s spirralling out of control. A second or two later and I’m fine and realise that I am sat ok and not falling over… it’s very weird but I agree with all the previous comments; I’m probably over-worked, too much eye-strain, not enough time away from the computer, over-tired and more often than not a little run-down. I do suffer with dizziness a lot though as one of my symptoms so I assume that it’s all related.

Stay well. Steve. x