All day today, I've been feeling somewhat dizzy.  I'm not experiencing FULL ON vertigo, but I'm just.. dizzy.  Does that even make sense?  Things like scrolling down the page while searching the internet, rocking in my rocking chair, looking up/down, etc --- these all make me feel dizzy.  I wouldn't stand up or sit down in a hurry, that's for sure!

What is going on??? I've felt the room spin before, and it came on suddenly then disappeared just as suddenly.  I've never had a full day of dizziness, though.  It's making me feel a touch ill.  

Anyone had this very subtle 'dizzy' feeling, but without the full on vertigo?  What's up with that??

Hi I’ve been really unsteady on
My feet for about 11 weeks I say to the doctors I’m
Dizzy but only cause I can’t explain it really when I move things too fast I can’t take it like u said scrolling down a page and stuff like that sitting in a car that’s moving I don’t like either cars coming fast towards us .
Saying this I have also had times when the room
Is spinning around me as well
I have had MRI which has shown inflammation on my brain and lumber puncture and several doctors and nuro s have said it is possibly ms but I’m
Just waiting to hear from specialist ms at another hospital
I know this doesn’t explain much but at least u know your not the only one and if it wanna chat drop us a line

I get the same thing if I look in a shop window or watch a car go past while I am walking it makes me dizzy, that’ll teach me to be a nosey cow lol.
I get it when I’m just sat still as well.

My kids play first person shooter games on the ps3 and I have to leave the room or I fall off the sofa lol.

Hope you feel better soon

Me too.

Cant stand some things on tv cos of it. Sometimes just moving my eyes too quick or looking up too quick. Sometimes it feels like my brain is taking a while to catch up inside my head when I turn it !

Cathy x

Don’t rock so fast! lol. Can imagine you knitting and rocking away…

Only kidding, dizziness is really horrid, I’ve had it all my life on and off, exactly as you describe - today is bad for me too, maybe it’s the oppressive weather? I feel kind of bunged up in half my head too - do you get that?

Hope you get better quickly,


Glad to hear that it's not just me.  And yes, I was knitting and rocking.... how sad of me... like a little old lady.  Hahaha!


ha ha ha - lol - good for you!

Hi glad to know im not alone and its not because ive drank a little bit to much wine lol, seriously though i carnt walk along a busy road because the cars going past make me dizzy and i feel as if i'm going to fall in front of one of them also get it in a supermarket if its busy if that makes sence .