dizzy spells

Hi all, not had a good few weeks the main problem of late is dizzy spells and the feeling I am going to fall over, balance is a major problem. Does anyone else out there suffer with this? My legs have felt really heavy and I have felt like I can not put one foot in front of the other and also fatigue seems to be worse than ever. Also several times I have felt like the room and everything in it is moving, not sure if this is due to dizzy spells or ON.

I went for wheelchair assessment yesterday and should have my chair in about six weeks so hopefully that will help when I go out.

Hope the rest of you guys are doing ok and keeping the monster at bay



Hi Mark,

Yes i also have dizzy spells, i get the room spinning aswell, even when just sitting in my chair.infact its doing it now.

Only been dx since Jan and not long joined here but after reading other posts, i think its a common symptom. Dont know if there is any drugs we could try, hopefully someone will let us know.

Sorry i can’t be much help, just thought i’d let you know that you’re not on you’re own.


Hi Mark, yes me too! I think Lisa’s right… unfortunately a common symptom.

I get the spinning, the rocking (like being in a boat) and the room moving… which I agree is a very strange sensation. I don’t have ON so assume it’s just another version of dizziness or vertigo.

I also haven’t found anything to help. It’s worth getting the doctor to look in your ears as a lump of wax will cause dizziness… but after having wax removed a couple of years ago I thought the dizziness would go, but it didn’t… so it’s the MS.

I’m also waiting for a wheelchair assessment… our lives appear to be running in paralell… LOL…

Take care hon and have a good Sunday,

Pat x

Hi mark your not alone I get that too don’t know what called or if any drugs to help but I got neuro in 2wk and will bring up,also got local branch meeting Tuesday will ask nurse there sorry couldn’t be more help but will pass on any advice take care Steve

Thanks for that everyone, it is driving me crazy but at least i now that i am not alone although that does make it better for us all.Not a good weekend for getting out but stilled managed a tip to the pub for a meal and a couple of pints with my wife and a friend. i hope you all had a lovely weekend. take care Lv Mark

hi mark,

i get all the above and i was only dx last december.

the only drug that’s caught my eye so far is LDN but they won’t prescribe it! the only way you can get it is on private prescription and that’s expensive!

google ‘LDN & ms’ and have a look, very interesting. i’m thinking of getting some myself but my nuero doesn’t like the idea!!

good luck and let me know how you get on


Hi Ben, thanks for the info i will have look, others have mentioned LDN before, i will be seeing my nuero soon so will mention it tohim and let you know what he says., I find it worse when i am working as i am stuck in front of a computer for 9 hours of each day, although i am only working 4 days of the week now which helps. I will sort my computer out so that i can create paragraphs. Anyway you all take care, Mark x bedtime now !!!

Hi Mark

I too get dizzy spells but not the room spinning feeling, just as

though I would fall over if I was standing.

Hope your chair arrives soon, enjoy your freedom and independence.

Pam x

Hi mark my husband has dizzy spells and double vision together he is also partially sighted he is waiting to find out what type of ms he has.He was diagnosed in february 2013 and gets more and more symptoms, his tremor has spread to left hand now, as well as rightside of body.He hasnt got a wheelchair yet but is starting to struggle walking even short distances his legs have a mind of their own.I said to him joking he needs to swap his white cane for a zimmer frame xx julie

Hi Julie, sorry to hear about your hubby it is not a nice disease at all. I have some patches to help with my shakes and tremors they seem to help at bit, make sure the neuro and MS nurse are aware of these problems. The sight problems are very frustrating , I am lucky that my sight does return but must admit it is not as good as it was another treat the ON gives you.There is plenty of help and advice on this site and if you want to speak to somebody who sees it from your side my wife Johanne will be only too happy to chat with you. I realise that the partners also have to live with this monster.take care Mark