Dizzy spells

Hi I’ve got primary progressive ms.i was diagnosed last July. I’ve been feeling incredibly dizzy for 3 weeks now. I had a urine infection and then a virus but I feel better now but still have these dizzy feelings. Is it normal to get intermittent dizzy spells with ms?

I honestly don’t know whether dizziness is common with ms. I’ve got rrms and for the last month or so I’ve had the strangest dizzy feelings like I’ve drunk too much. It can happen at any time, whether I am sitting down relaxing or when I am standing. It’s not a nice feeling, keep thinking I’m going to pass out. Your dizziness may have something to do with your recent virus. Hopefully others might be able to confirm what they have experienced with regard to dizzy spells.

Thankyou for your reply. Because I’ve got progressive ms I’m experiencing new things all the time. Hopefully it is the virus still. I’ve got my specialist next week so I’ll mention it to her. Thanks once again.

Hello, I have secondary progressive MS and get dizzy spells frequently. I take medication for it. It is worth having a chat with your GP. hope this helps, love Bex xxx

Hi bex In a non nasty way it’s comforting to know you get dizzy spells. I’ve not had them before. I’ll chat to my specialist on Emma xxxx

Hi Emma,

Like you, i’ve also got ppms (dx in jan 2013) and i too have recently had these dizzy spells. Does’nt matter if i am sitting down or standing up and i always feel like i am going to pass out.

Sorry to say Emma but i think it is just another symptom to add to all the rest, but yes you are not alone.

Let me know what the specialist says.

Lisa x

Hi Lisa.iim sorry to hear you’ve got ppms too :-(. I only get the dizzy spells if I walk. Sitting down I’m ok. I did wonder whether my eyesight is being effected? I will let you know what the specialist says. Thanks for your reply Love Emma Xxxx

Hi Dizziness is a symptom. I have rims only diagnosed just over a month ago. Dizziness is one of most consistent symptom, I have dizzy spells that last anything from 30 minutes to several days of a constant world. I have been given various medications whilst they have been trying to find the reason for the symptoms and unfortunately none of these have worked for me but I am hopeful when I go to see the MS nurse for e first time next week and hopeful they might be able to suggest an alternative medication which relates more to the MS than the other drugs I have been given. It is a horrible symptom and I hope yours passes soon and doesn’t remain for too long

have you got low blood pressure?

i only found out about mine when the ambulance arrived!

turns out it’s postural hypotension. my gp checked it by taking my blood pressure with one of those clips on my finger

then he asked me to stand up and keep telling him how i was feeling.

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok not ok!

my blood pressure plummetted suddenly.

just a thought, hope it helps

carole x

yes Emma, i like you keep wondering if there is something wrong my eyesight. I keep getting blurry vision but itdoes’nt last long .

Hi Carole, i dont know about Emma but my blood pressure is ok (had it done today)Atleast thats something normal about me

Lisa x

Hi thanks for your replays. My blood pressure is fine. I’ve noticed my visions got worse especially in my left eye. I have had a virus but its been going on 3 weeks now! I feel fine (except ms) it’s just very bad blurred vision. The doctors coming out again tmrw. I can’t go anywhere on my own or drive because of it and my husband is self employed and has to work. I’ve recently moved and don’t know anyone here to help me. It’s been so bad I’ve had to cancel my carers this week. I’m really worried now. Love Emma Xxx