PPMS lots of symptoms

Hi, I am having an MRI tomorrow and feeling quite anxious about things at the moment. I’ve seen a neuro who told me it probably wasn’t ms as I had so many symptoms but followed this up with…I’ve been wrong before.

I am just wondering if any PPMSers could help with their experience of symptoms as mine seemed to all start with a bang a few days before the whole family came down with a gastro bug. Did anyone have a lot of symptoms all at once that just never disappeared?

Sorry for the long list I had terrible pain in my right eye for about 3 days, my right side balance went slightly, pins and needles, numbness in hands and feet and slight tremor in thumbs and index finger. I started saying strange, incorrect words…my kids were correcting me. I feel dizzy and off balance most of the time now. It seemed to me I was almost having every ms symptom there is all at once. I am almost 2 months on now from these symptoms all starting together and I am still having 90% of these on a daily basis. These seem to fit with PPMS but I’m just wondering if anyone else’s started like this?

Looking back I’ve had the pins and needles to some extent on and off over the last few years and also the eye problem before. I also had a problem with walking on the after the birth of my last child a few years ago but I just put this down to my body not getting back to normal. Hoping someone has had an experience similar to mine as I’m feeling quite worried.


How can your Neurologist say it probably isn`t MS and then not say what it could be.

I just wish they would say nothing if they dont know or say I dont know.

FYI I had major balance and dizzy spells but they have both eased. I am diagnosed with PPMS.

I was initially diagnosed with RRMS but they changed it. I`ve never had a relapse in my life.

I`m PPMS now and it is very very slow progression if any at all. I have had symptoms maybe for 20 to 30 years but just ignored it as it was very mild.

Hi Jo

I have had ppms for many years now, but mine initially started with a numb patch on one leg, having said that it is a very individualistic disease, we all seem to be different.

I consider myself very lucky in the fact that although I have used a powerchair for years, my progression has been a slow gradual decline, but as I said we are all different.

Fingers crossed for your appointment tomorrow, hopefully you will get some answers, let us kno how you get on.

Pam x

It is PPMS but very slow progression if any at all. I`ll keep taking the tablets. At least I now know.

Thanks so much for your replies. I had the MRI this morning and now awaiting my next neurologist appointment. I feel maybe they didn’t want to alarm me at the initial appointment as I didn’t present with an episode. However, like everyone on here I think we all just know when something is not right. I keep waiting for all these symptoms to disappear but they seem to be part of me now.