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Hi everyone

I am new to all this, I was diagnosed with primary progressive MS early last year it had taken from 2013, so for the last 5 years ive had symptoms like numbness, creepy crawlies running all over, loss of balance, unable to lift leg, pain in joints etc.

All this time I’ve thought is it me, is it in my head. I have had many MRI, to no avail, they didn’t show anything. I was told at first that I had transverse myelitis, then I was told it was stress, then I was told it was my age and it one of those things, and last of all I was told it was the menopause.

This was the time I saw a new GP, he read the letter and then put pen to paper, and wrote to the neurologist, I then had evoked potentials? This was abnormal, I then saw the original neurologist that I saw in 2013, I was sent for another MRI, (I must flow in the dark), after this I was told progressive MS.

Bye for now


Hi and welcome. I was diagnosed last November with ppms but probably had it for about 8 years. I have drop foot on my right leg, balance issues and I struggle walking alone. There are some really helpful people on here so feel free to ask anything you like. Karen

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Hi Mandy Welcome to ‘our gang’ lots of lovely people here, always willing to listen and offer advice when they can. Pam x

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My diagnosis was confirmed after having a Lumbar Puncture. I had a MRI which didn`t really show much.

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Hi Mandy and welcome. Taking years to get a diagnosis is not uncommon. This forum is great for getting tips on how to manage annoying symptoms. We all cope in different ways, and I’m not just talking about the big things like OT referrals etc. There are some really great people pin here who make you aware that you’re not on your own. Cath

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