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Hi all

I’m new to here. I was recently diagnosed with PPMS came as bit of a shock as I thought I was just getting old. Now I just feel stupid that I thought I had sciatica and this was making my legs a tad tired and the dizziness I had I thought was all in my head and I didn’t realise how bad my balance was until I was asked to stand on one leg. I’m nearly 56 are there any more late comers here.


Hi Felix. Welcome aboard. I suppose I’m a late comer. Diagnosed three and a half years ago aged 55 and totally out of the blue. Three episodes of partial paralysis in as many days saw me admitted to hospital Saturday night and after several tests, including MRI, I was diagnosed with rrms on the Monday. As my mobility deteriorated rapidly in the following 18 months, my dx was changed to ppms. And here we all are. No need to feel stupid. Hang around and chat with us. We are a mine of information and can be a good place for having a rant when or if you feel the need. :slight_smile:

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What ho, Felix, and welcome to a very exclusive club; regrettably a club no-one particularly wishes to join as the price of entry is so high.

I am also a late comer; I am now 64 but I was finally diagnosed when I was 61.

I stave off the worst excesses of membership with a regime of physiotherapy, Biotin, CBD paste and a vegan diet.

I hope you find a way to deal with your symptoms.

Best wishes


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Hi Felix

I too am a late arrival - diagnosed last year at 66. I had no idea I might have ms. I’d had an operation to reconstruct my anterior cruciate ligament and while the op was very successful, my leg didn’t seem to want to rehab. 2 wonderful and very diligent consultants, and two MRI later I got my diagnosis of PPMS. Having seen a neuro physio for the last year, having gone dairy and gluten free and taking lots of vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics I am now much better - walking comfortably for 2 or 3 miles without aids, bladder under control and fatigue a thing of the past. I do hope you find ways to help you get on with your life and enjoy it.


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Hi Felix,

I was diagnosed with PPMS at the age of 55 in 2010. My most dramatic symptom has been optic neuritis in one eye.

Best wishes,


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Hi and welcome,

I was diagnosed at 47 but over the time since, I’ve started to think that it’s quite likely I had a really gentle RRMS that moved to SPMS. Mainly because of the tilt it’s taken from a few weeks before diagnosis to now, has been pretty severe on my legs and cognition!

I hope you find the forum is good company

Sonia x

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Hi Felix, im new to the forum too, i got diagnosed with Ppms this year at 50, but was having trouble with my leg for 8 years now so they say i’ve had ms since my early 40’s but it’s good to come on here because people seem to understand what people are going through, because it seems hard for my hubby to understand it, probs because alot of the symptons are invisable. Buttercup

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Hi Felix, another newbie here… diagnosed yesterday at 53 with probable ppms, maybe spms as the neurologist wants to leave it open for a while. I’ve been struggling with my right leg for about 8 years and fatigue… finally had an mri that found one brain and several spinal lesions then a positive lumbar puncture and a negative nmo test, all in the last few months and here I am.

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