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Hi, I’m new to this forum & I want to introduce myself & give a bit of information of where I’m up to with my MS.

My name is, John & I’m 48 years old, and was diagnosed with ppms in 2007. I went to see my doctor in 2000 with symptom’s that we now know was the early stages of MS, but was told it was “sciatica” . in 2005 I moved and therefore changed my GP, I was still occasionally getting the symptom’s and mentioned this to my, {current} GP & he agreed with my previous GP, saying “it sounds like sciatica”. It became difficult to walk & was getting tingles sensation in my feet plus all down my left side was becoming weak. I knew things wasn’t right and not knowing what was wrong i went private to see a physiotherapist.

Because of my symptom’s & my weakness on my left side, he advised me to go straight to hospital to be checked out. It was only after seeing several more doctors/appointments, & having examinations that I was told to go & see a neurologist. After having a thorough examination, I was told that a MRI was needed. When the results came back from this, it was then confirmed of having Primary Progressive MS. I’ve had test since including, lumbar punch, blood etc. My condition worsened over the months/years to the extent, I now cannot walk at all, I can only transfer from a chair to my wheelchair. I get pain in my legs/feet.

It will be good to share information & get advice from people who, are aware of what my problems are and could be in the future.


Hi John and welcome…

I’ve also got PPMS and must have been dx about the same time… mine was April 2008.

I can still walk a bit but use mobility scooter for going out and am just getting a wheelchair (so when I say ‘a bit’… I really mean ‘a bit’!)… but I’m lucky that can still get around in my flat & even manage a short walk outside.

Come and visit us on the PPMS board. We’re a friendly gang and always nice to see a new member.

This forum is great… don’t know what I’d do without it.

So look forward to seeing you again,

Pat x

thanks pat, i will do,

Hello fellside and welcome. I hope you find friendship and support on here, as I have done. It’s a good community.


(Not as in the power station, by any chance?)

Hello John,welcome to our ‘Internet Lifeboat’.Wit+Wisdom on here. Looks like you’ve been playing the game for quite a while now so you realise that you have your own version of MS and are the world’s leading expert on it.The label they’ve given you is just that, and they have to write something to justify their £loadsamoney.

Your symptoms and acrobatic exploits are very familiar to me, my ‘length of service’ is similar to yours, but my labelling is different…Go figure,



Hi John . Just wanted to send you best wishes and hope things are not too painful for you at the moment. Nipper.

hi john

i’m carole, i’m 54 and was dx in 2008 with rrms

welcome to our house of fun

carole x

Hi John and welcome,

I’m very new to the forum too (and to MS) but everyone has been very friendly and there is such a wealth of knowledge and information along with the all important good humour thrown in too.

It’s good to know that what ever my question there will be someone along shortly who’s been there, done that and still wearing the t-shirt! I think I got through the total shock stage of my dx much quicker just by being able to come on here and read all the info available and know that if I had a question I could ask it.

Hi John. I’m a PPMSer too and got it confirmed last September but the symptoms had been floating around for at least 5 years before that.

Me and my stick are seldom parted right now but we do sleep separately.

Call again.

thanks to everybody who welcomed me to this forum,

I really do appreciate it & look forward to talking to you all again.


Hi John Sue age 45 SP dx 1994 welcome I’m sure you"ll find everyone here welcoming :slight_smile:


I’m Darren, 28 dx last year with rrms…

Welcome to the forums

Welcome John,

Although I wish you actually didn’t have to be here and that you didn’t have MS if you see what I mean. You’ll enjoy the site and the people as we are a helpful and informative bunch. I’m a wheelchair too but fortunately don’t have any pain (used to have but its disappeared now - so there might be some hope that yours will do the same - I hope so).

BW, Mary

Hi John

Welcome to our online merriment

I’m 48, was dx in 2009 and have rrms.