dizzy spells

does any body get dizzy then feels sick and then just crashes out It has happened about three times to me know The last yestereday and I had to be brought home from work. I apparently go a yellow colour as well. I was brought home from work and slept from about half nine until four and then was back asleep again from about nine until four this morning. I am not sure if this is something that happens with ms (another little surprise) or whether it is worth mentioning to the doctor.

I imagine the dizziness is causing the nausea then you crash out to get over it. Could be the M.S but it could also be an ear infection, vertigo or numerous other things not caused by M.S. I would visit your G.P to rule out other causes before putting it down to one of your M.S symptoms. Hope you feel better soon. Jan

Hya… nice to see you but sorry to hear about dizzy spells. I get MS related dizziness but not the sickness or the crashing out… so I agree with Jan… see your GP. Something else could be going on and the sooner you get it seen to, the better. Let us know what GP says, Take care, Pat xx

Like the others I get this too. Is there anything that sets it off eg. getting up quickly, heat or turning around? I’d agree that it’s worth seeing the gp, there are too many causes for this happening to just write it off to ms. Mine was drop in blood pressure, but as mentioned above, ear infections are notorious for it. It could also be caused by medication so it might be controllable which would definitely benefit you.

Please let us know how you get on. Good luck.


I also get dizzy and the dizziness makes me feel sick. Gp told me it is BPPV something to do with vertigo and gave me medication, so sorry I can’t recall the name.

Have a word with your gp Mick, best to get it checked.

Pam x

I have vertigo, where the room spins very unpleasantly for what seems like forever but probably is about 10 secs to a minute. It is an inner ear problem, and is set off by sudden head movement. A bad attack does leave a nasty, nauseous after-taste which can take several hours to go. BUT I’ve been having these attacks for the past 10 yrs, whereas my ms only started to affect me 4 yrs ago, so I don’t connect it with ms. Anyway, definitely let your GP know. Kev

Kev, I find your post interesting because i also had the dizziness years before I had idea that I had MS… but I do think the dizziness is connected. I think it was my earliest symptom of MS. Saw a couple of doctors and was told it was anxiety… but it has got more persistent & is worse when my double-vision & tinnitus go up a notch… neuro says they are all connected and it is MS causing it. Over the years I have been dx with anxiety, arthritis, depression, normal for menopause, normal for getting older, anxiety again… hyperchondia (spelling!) when since dx in 2008 I realise that to a great extent most of it was MS! Pat xx

I am in bed recovering from similar turn yesterday I get it every so often just feel miles away and need to lay down to stop the world. Still feel odd today so stayed in bed

Hi Don,

You are definitely doing the right thing staying in bed, as it does wipe you out.

Hope you feel better soon, take care.

Pam x

Yes, you’re probable right, Pat. I get some tinnitus, but thankfully I can still ‘tune it out’ when I become aware of it. I used to put it down to too much use of headphones when I’m mixing a piece of music, but I know tinnitus and vertigo are linked. Hadn’t thought about an MS link, though.

As for hyperchondria, I can do it for England.

I get very short ones, I think it’s the attaxia, I just have to stop and get my bearings sometimes and check I’m the right way up!

I think these are in some ways some of the worst bits, I just do my best to push those scary moments aside… poor you that it sounds like a more regular thing.

Take care an yes, ask the doctor

Sonia x