Headaches, Dizzy, Nausea

As the title says, I 'm constantly getting these headaches that make me feel a bit dizzy with nausea, something like travel sickness.

I’ve asked my MS clinic about this but they say that MS does not cause headaches or nausea.

Which I dont believe because MS plays with your balance !

I do suffer a little bit from sinus, so I’m wondering if this could be the cause, or does anyone else get these feelings ?

Hiya mate,

Of course, MS causes headaches; but there is a complaint that mimics MS Symptoms and can cause far worse headaches http://www.aps-support.org.uk/ even causes lesions.


It certainly does cause nausea in my experience! Other things can do - check with GP x

Thanks guys,

I’m convinced the headaches and dizzy ness is linked to my MS.

Whenever my MS is giving me a bad day it always seems to coincide with these spells.

I will speak to my GP, as my MS clinic are a waste of my time if I’m honest.

APS !!!

Never heard of it before but WOW, it’s so similar to MS.

I will definitely mention this to my GP.

They used to call this Sticky Blood or Hughes Syndrome. And there was a big thing a few years ago about people being diagnosed with MS who actually had Hughes Syndrome. I’ve never actually come across it being called by its proper name.


I was tested for Hughes syndrome before I had ms diagnosis then a smart arsed tested me last year a for it again along

With sogrens then he said I was diabetic witch the tests all say no its ppms and sle.

I had the exact same thing plus my vision was a little blurry - my consultant prescribed Lamotrogine as he said its migrainous and likely due to misfiring electrics in the brain. It’s worked wonders and I only notice those symptoms now if I forget a dose…which is never :slight_smile:

Hope you get it resolved as I know how pants it is!

Hi ms causes headachesi I have trigeminal neuralgia caused by ms. It is also known to cause vertigo.

If you regularly suffer from vertigo or dizziness then you should inform the DVLA. This is in addition to informing them that you have MS. They can clear you to drive with MS, usually with a three year licence, but vertigo is another matter. I suffer occasional attacks of vertigo. I asked my GP if I should tell the DVLA and was told that as long as the attacks were rare and intermittent the DVLA don’t need to know. If they become more frequent then I’ll have to tell them.

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I suffer badly with headaches x

I suffer really bad with dizziness and balance problems. I feel like I am on a boat most days. If I stand still I feel like I sway and often have to hold onto something. Anyone else gets this?

if you have low blood pressure you are at risk of fainting.

i found this out the hard way splitting my scalp on the quarry tiled kitchen floor!

my blood pressure has always been low but it never bothered me before.

carole x

ps the stitches were agony and i yelped like a proper soft baby

I had a UTI which causes these symptoms, I was relieved as thought my MS was getting worse. I would a sample in for doctor to check.

Second lot of headache/nausea this year, this time this is the 8th day. It will go, it also comes with sort of watery flashy eyes, all of which I know mean I have done too much. I was expecting it, I had been gardening a bit, went away for a few days, saw my grandchildren then the headache came. I think for me, don’t know about anyone else, it is a warning that sooner or later, if I do not breathe, relax, stop in, read, stretch, I will not be very well. This week I am taking a friend to the hospital who is very poorly, then the library, after that I am stopping in bed till Thursday for an appointment at the hospital.

I have painkillers which deaden the awful head and sick feeling, then keep off any fatty food, more water,small nibbly meals, alka saltzer at night now and then, hopefully by Friday it will have gone. I had my water checked which was clear so it is just the M.S. telling me something. Yesterday I ran out of food so had to drive to a local shop to get some. I bought loads of easy foods, fruit, yoghurt, salad. By the time I got back I felt so sick I thought I was going to fall over.

Anyway, for me, it is a message, chill out, rest etc. then it does go away. Although when it is here, it feels like it has been here forever. I swear that late night stretching and breathing with the window wide open helps me feel better.

Only you and your GP can really know if it is MS or something else. It is really hard to fathom if M.S. is playing up or if it is something else that needs attention. With me, if I am still up and about and functioning, it is just M.S., if I am floored and can’t get up, then it tends to be something else.