So I have been feeling dizzy lately, so I led down on bed and room was spinning so I sat up and legs was all shakey until I managed to put them down, slight headache since dizzy spells and never had them before :frowning:

Hello Alysea.

I went to the doctor with dizziness and he said it was labrynthitis, an infection of the inner ear. I had some medication but it hasn’t entirely gone away. Now I have to just be careful when sitting up or lying down.

As I have to do everything slowly, it’s not that much of a problem.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Alysea, I too suffer a lot of dizziness… but Steve is right. Do not assume it’s MS. Get it checked out by your GP. It might be caused by MS but it might be caused by something else that is easily treated.

Always remember, just because we have MS doesn’t mean we can’t get anything else.

One thing that helps my dizziness is ginger tea (ginger is well known as a treatment for dizziness).

Buy root ginger. Cut a bit about as big as your thumb. Peel it and cut it into small chunks. Put in cup with tea bag. Pour boiling water in. When you removed the tea bag leave the ginger in. Use milk & sugar as you normally would. Drink the tea with the ginger in it. You can use the same ginger in the cup for 2 or 3 cups of tea.

It does help a bit… but you should see GP and get it checked out asap.

Pat xx

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I’ve not been to gp since June last year I can’t get there because of how bad my walking is but he’s phoning me tomorrow I could mention it, but it was one time no infections yet so I have been lucky, he’s phoning me I want to increase the dose.

Thanks xx

Like the others have said, it needs checking out, there are so many things that can cause dizziness. I’m struggling with it at the moment due to a urine infection, it’s very debilitating and frustrating all at the same time. Please let us know how you get on, and don’t let them fob you off with the “it’s MS” thing, as far as I’m aware it’s not usually the cause. Take care.


I will mention it my gp is very good, is there anything to take for it I know my sister gets it and she doesn’t have Ms or infections hers as happened while driving.

Thanks x

Hello Alysea, I also suffer from dizziness I have done on and off for years, and my balance was always bad, i had Labrinthitus when i was 25 and ever since then have suffered from double vision, which can vary from mild to actually seeing 2 people… very unnerving! The dizziness often caused sickness as well. 3 years ago i was referred to ears nose and throat department at the hospital, I had very bad tinnitus like a fire alarm going off in my left ear it was awful and the giddy dizzy feeling was terrible, but they said it wasn’t middle ear infection, i’d always thought that was what had been causing my dizziness all these years so i really don’t know what causes it, as i remain undiagnosed but now my mobility is affected [wheelchair user] so is it connected? i wonder.

I hope you feel better soon

Michelle x

Hi Michelle

Pat ( snow leopard) suffers very badly from MS related tinnitus and dizziness so its quite possible yours is MS related too.

If you google MS related tinnitus you may be able to find out more.

Nina x

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Had a problem with my vision for over a year before my diagnoses I’m at eye specialist Tuesday I’ll see what he says my earring is fine no ringing or anything no infections as far as I’m aware bladder nurse went through symptoms of uti with me gp ringing in a hour maybe he knows why :frowning:

Hi Michelle, do you still have the tinnitus?

I have both tinnitus and dizziness and apparently both caused by lesion in same area of brain.

Tinnitus is a horrible thing to live with… given the choice I prefer the dizziness!!! (although what a rotten choice that is… I would rather have neither!!!)

Pat xx

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Yes, still have tinnitus but nothing like what it was,I hardly notice it. The first time I had it I felt so poorly with it, i thought my ear was blocked and i used so much otex or whatever its called that my ear was really sore, i really panicked and thought i’d never sleep again but now when i get it i just sleep with the window open, listening to the rain on the greenhouse roof really helps, the first time i had it I was very stressed and also felt i couldn’t breathe so it was suggested it might have been a panic attack

Michelle x

My tinnitus is much worse when I am stressed or when my MS symptoms are very bad. For that reason I think it’s linked to inflammation in the brain… which links it to MS.

Could have been made worse by panic attacks. Many years ago I used to have panic attacks and an incredible amount of people with MS seem to have suffered panic attacks at one time or another.

It’s a chicken and egg situation. Did we get panic attacks because we were developing MS? Or did we get MS because of high levels of anxiety and panic attacks?

I do think there might be a link… or certainly for some of us. Might be one of the many triggers for MS.

Michelle it’s useful to use the tinnitus as a ‘warning bell’. When it is loud think about your anxiety levels and how you can lower them… also think if you have been over-doing it and need to rest.

Pat xx

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Hi pat, You are right thinking back it was May 2012, when i first had it, my oldest sons relationship had just ended and he needed us so much and came back home to live with us and we’d just had to put our dog to sleep…so there was a lot going on and I was running all over the place looking after our girls Molly being Autistic is stressful anyway. I just remember feeling that i was sinking away my head felt so weird, like the pillow would swallow me i was scared to go to sleep, and felt as if i couldn’t breathe my chest felt like their was a heavy weight on it and i couldn’t take in enough oxygen and then the fire alarm [tinnitus] in my left ear it was so scary

Thanks for your advice, I’ll see it as a warning bell. I’ve had a better day today, this morning I went out with the dog he always lifts my spirits, I took him in our local Sainsbury’s, the staff all love him and can’t do enough to help me so i’ve come home tired but happy!

Love Michelle xx

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I have vertigo spoke to gp Friday hes giving me something for it but can only take it for a week, he’s also increasing the baclofen dose as so far it isn’t helping stiffness and I’m stiff 24/7 and I got some sad news my uncle died so need to attend his funeral and so far I don’t walk cause of stiff legs I only left house to attend hospital.

So how do you manage walking I use 2 crutches but I have foot drop quite bad at moment, I don’t want to use fes as I’ve had it a few times and seems to sort itself out, also local council is getting a OT to assess me faster then social services I guess.


Hi, I get the occasional ringing in my ears fortunately it doesn’t last for more than a few minutes same with the dizziness both seem to happen when I’m really tired. I have mastoiditis in my right ear I’ve had 2operations to repair the inner ear drum and attend check ups 6 monthly as the condition causes vertigo,dizziness and loss of balance never quite sure if its ms or ear.

As for panic attacks I suffered these from the age of 18, very interesting to read Pat’s comment on this is there any clinical or research comments on the possible connection?

Pauline x


I found Pats comment really interestingg, as I have always been a really anxious person, still am now.

In fact, if I am not worrying about something, I am then anxious as to why I am not worrying!!

Does make you wonder though if there is a connection.

Have a good day everyone.

Pam x

I did have ringing but only lasted a few seconds, I have been given prochlorperanzine 5mg oh where do they get names for them so when exercising doesn’t improve stiff and walking is so bad but now cause I can’t stand for long my mum wants me to miss uncles funeral but legs keep giving way and I fall so she said I’m not safe :frowning:

Hi Alysea, your dizzy feelings are just like mine my gp and ms nurse say its vertigo it comes and goes with me they said l could take some tablets for it but as it only happens when l am in bed and l do not drink so l cannot blame that not had it to bad for a while. Hope you get over it quick. regards Jan xx

Thanks Jan on my third week of having it makes me so tired, but worse thing is my balance I’m doing physio exercises but it’s hard when your so dizzy, I hope it doesn’t last much longer x

Thanks everyone appreciate the help big hugs xx