Upset and down

Since vertigo my walking is so bad I almost fall even using crutches almost fall on stairs, and stiffness is all over my body now I can’t balance properly at all and I could before the vertigo, just ordered ldn but I feel like I’m not going to get better, when fully mobile and exercising it still didn’t go awAy baclofen doesn’t help at all I’m on 30mg daily I don’t see neuro until March no Ms nurse yet emailed for one :frowning:

Hi Alysea,really feel for you,i hate vertigo,when its bad its one of the hardest things to have to deal with, i have had it so bad i throw up with it each time i move my head,

and have been in bed weeks at a time with it

thankfully mines not as bad these days,i think mines a lesion on my brain stem that causes mine,

have you been to your gp about it, also there are certain excercises that may help,

google cawthorne cooksy excercises for vertigo,they work by retraining the brain,

i know some swear by them,i was going to try them ,but you do have to be prepared to feel a bit worse for a while, and i just dare not take that risk,i didnt want to feel worse than i already did,but if i get it bad again i will try them,

my neuro physio was going to try the Epley manouvre,thats a specific thing they do to reset the balance of the crystals in your inner ear,but that only works if the crystals do need rebalancing,and wont help if thats not the case.

just thought i would mention these things,to you to think about, and hope you start to feel better soon,it will pass off one day,but when you are in the middle of it all it seems like it never will,i know that too well

J x

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Hi Alysea, have you tried the ginger tea recipe for vertigo that I gave you on other thread?

Pat xx

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No don’t think I like ginger myself and I am pretty bad due to my stiffness does yours go away? I guess I am abit down because of my walking and not being able to manage stairs and council has refused a stair lift and it could take ages to move :frowning:

i am doing physio exercises but nothing works to ease the tightness in my legs and baclofen just doesn’t help at all not with the tightness/stiffness this is in my hands/legs and had it before I became disabled I was fully mobile when it started just don’t know what else I can do.

I’ve had a stiff feeling down my left side previously, I think it was worse if I was stressed and taking too much out of myself. What I found helpful was relaxation, jasmine green tea (the scent of jasmine is very relaxing to me) and sometimes ibuprofen if I had pain. That’s all I can think of - maybe not much use to you, I’m sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

I’m really sorry you are having such a difficult time at the moment Alysea, if you haven’t heard from your Neuros secretary before Friday ring her, explain you are finding everything so difficult to deal with and ask if you can see or speak to an MS Nurse as a matter of urgency, explain that your medication isn’t helping at all and you are becoming anxious.

Do you a take anything for your low mood? Lots of people take Citalopram to lift their spirits perhaps something like this could help you over the next couple of months till you see your Neuro again.

I think I read previously that you are not going out because you hate to use a wheelchair, if so I urge you to try to get out and about, I believe your sister is your carer perhaps she could take you shopping, I understand your reluctance to be pushed in a chair but it isn’t too bad, I felt just the same when I first started using my chair. Don’t isolate yourself, it is very empowering to take control back and be proactive in shaping your life.

Best wishes

Jan x

Hi Alyssa

It maybe worth trying Pats suggestion of ginger tea, it does help and it also stops the nausea feeling I get when dizzy.

I know you say you don’t think you like ginger, but if it was to help, surely that would be better than the dizziness.

I am not sure if you have seen a physio, but if not, they can give you special exercises to help, I urge you to try anything that may help, and I do hope things improve for you soon.

Pam x


I use Ginger Alysea, it’s really very good and the taste soon becomes acceptable,I now have several cups a day.

I use it differently to Pat my husband liquidises the ginger root with water and makes cordial . I drink it dituted with hot water and add a dash of lemon barley, it’s lovely, I’ve tried various ways but that is my favorite

​I am sorry to hear you still haven’t been allocated a nurse, could you speak to your GP and see if they could ever you as a matter of urgency.

Nina x

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Refer you…not ever you! Should reread before I press post not after!


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I see physio every month, but exercises don’t seem to help at all, been doing them since September and I wouldn’t feel so bad if I could help the stiffness I don’t have nausea just my balance is bad, I used to just use one stick round house but since vertigo I need 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs.

i also have foot drop too it goes away then comes back, eyes are worse inflammation has gone but vision is still bad things need to improve I have a daughter to look after all I’m on is Pregabalin and baclofen 30mg both don’t help at all and anything that requires making I can’t do if it is bought tea that is ok.

i can’t go out not until my bladder is normal again I am starting ldn from the private Dr but family are being all iffy about it and can’t understand why it’s so cheap when my gp says its 500 a month.

waiting for Dr to phone me mines off until next week so I’ll ask him just to put there minds at rest.

Thanks xx

I use the email someone gave me the lady got back to me and said she will email me again once she got hold of Preston nurses.

Hi Alysea, sorry to hear you’re so down. I agree with what’s been recommended, both to see a doctor and maybe suggest an anti depressant. They really do help pick you up but you need to help yourself a little by getting out. It doesn’t have to be a long day out, sometimes a little walk up and down the street or to the nearest shop helps. If you can’t make it on your sticks try the wheelchair. Your confidence will improve. I noticed a massive improvement in my dad who is very ill once he started getting out in the village. He got a scooter and makes a point of going out around the village twice a day and his mood is so much better.

I’m glad the nurses got back to you. Fingers crossed you get to meet your ms nurse soon, they’re a great help and it’s so reassuring knowing they’re only a phone call away. Please think about the suggestions, everyone’s trying to help.

Take care

Cath x

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Thanks Cath, I am ok just had a bad day since vertigo my balance has been so bad, I expected it to pass but it’s still here 3 weeks later, Dr said it should only last 2 weeks.

I am starting ldn as soon as it arrives, I’m more worried about daughter she had a bad chest infection, and was suppose to go water park Monday I don’t think Dr will let her, as she still has a chesty cough, she’s been looking forward to it for a year.

I don’t have a wheelchair yet but I am planning on getting one, my walking will improve once stiffness is gone does it ever go completely?

I was having a bad day cause legs not working stiff all over and felt useless, but feeling better I talked to Dr other day, baclofen doesn’t help at all, maybe I need something else better meds, I also have foot drop it usually goes away but vertigo been bad never expected it to last this long.

Thanks x